Bribes Hampering Investments

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By 2017-04-21

By Mario Andree

While the Government of Sri Lanka is focusing to increase private sector and foreign direct investment for higher economic growth, some of the local government authorities seem to be having their own agendas and hamper investments.

Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption Director General Sarath Jayamane addressing a breakfast meeting organized by the Council for Business with Britain said that there were instances of local government authorities requesting bribes from potential investors.
On a starting note he said, "This morning I received a call from a gynaecologist, who carries out a reputed private practice, keen on investing in a hotel project somewhere in the North Western Province.

"The doctor asked me what he was to do regarding a certain incident, where a local government official had requested some amount of money per acre.
"He asked me who he should complain the incident to, and was also worried that making such complaint would create issues for his investment plan in the area." According to him many private sector investors were facing such incidents and did not speak out in fear of losing business opportunities.

He called for such complaints from the private sector and the general public to reduce bribery and corruption in the country.



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