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By 2017-06-09

The Qatar National Human Rights Committee (QNHRC) has said it has begun receiving complaints from Qataris and non-Qataris whose rights have been violated in the three neighbouring countries...

...which last Monday severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Colombo issuing a press communiqué said:

" Addressing a press conference here, QNHRC Chairman Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri said that decisions by some countries to sever relations with Qatar have led to violations of international human rights conventions and charters .

The committee has called on international community and international organizations to intervene to stop violations taking place it these counties, warning against further violations which may affect peace, security and stability of the citizens.

The Committee had installed a hotline to receive and deal with complaints as well as to create a 24-hour crisis cell and would continue to communicate with all international and governmental human rights organizations to raise such violations and assist complainants, Dr Al Marri noted. Dr. Al Marri revealed that the Committee will meet tomorrow with Amnesty International to discuss rights violations caused by the aforementioned decisions .
He said the Committee has come across many cases of violations to the rights to education, health, work, and other cases which it is going to offer to international human rights organizations.

According to the complaints received by the committee, violations included violation of the rights of movement of citizens of these countries. A Qatari woman married to an Emirati citizen has been prevented from bringing her child to Qatar because the child has UAE nationality.

The three GCC States have begun imposing fines on their citizens visiting Qatar after the ties were cut. Another violation infringes on the right to education as Qatari students have been asked to leave. The rights to family reunification have been clearly violated by imposing travel bans on the citizens of these countries, said NHRC.
A case of a daughter living with her Bahraini mother in Bahrain since 20 years has been asked to leave the country because her father is Qatari.

Thousands of GCC citizens have ownership of buildings, companies, and different types of businesses in these countries and have been asked to leave within 14 days which is violation to the rights of private ownership, said NHRC."



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