An epic origin story

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By 2017-06-11

W onder Woman released recently amid a world of pressure, as the first full length live action feature film for the character. The latest science fiction fantasy film is DC's their fourth instalment in the DC Extended Universe. The flawless story takes the audience to the very beginning, after her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The 141 minute film by director Patty Jenkins, together with producers Richard Suckle, Charles Roven, Zack and Deborah Snyder, was made with a flexible budget of 149 million and managed to rake in a successful Worldwide Box office total of over 240 million dollars, proving to be yet another financial success. The film begins on a sheltered island, with young Diana who grows up with women who are all warriors, training for a time when she may one day have to fight. As a grown woman, Gal Gadot displays an outstanding character performance as Diana, Princess of the Amazons and Wonder Woman. Diana sees a plane crash and saves the pilot, Steve Trevor (starring Chris Pine), a British spy who tells her of a massive war. She then decides to venture out of her island in an attempt to win a war to end all wars. That's when the real story unfolds.

The origin story is well paced, with Wonder Woman finding her true destiny and powers, submerged in a world of war, backed by good GCI and heartfelt dialogue. It slows down just enough to not only tell a story but for it to feature her as both a fierce and empathetic superhero who is very well developed as a character to have her own movie. It stands out from the other films in the category, and as an independent strong role model superhero.

Gadot proved to be an amazing Wonder Woman, in a film that had excellent casting. With Chris Pine by her side, the on screen chemistry was just perfect, with each of them learning about the life and environment of the other, trying to understand and adapt. Meanwhile, Robin Wright stars as Antiope, while David Thewlis plays the role of Ares and Elena Anaya stars as Doctor Poison, each owning their respective roles with clear precision.

This is a fun and exciting movie that has the right amount of humour and is satisfying, with emotional depth, slow moments that touch on humanity, action, and pressure, making it a fascinating personal story. It not only exhibits strength but is complimented with great dialogue.

Set in the time of World War I as a battle against the Germans is on-going; Wonder Woman's scene where she walks head on into battle is one that sets itself apart, to be put on a pedestal, as the perfect action moment for the character. But the film is filled with more than one good fight sequence.

This film delivers everything, from silly comedy and jokes to major fight scenes, but doesn't forget to make time for the smaller moments like learning to slow dance. As a superhero who is learning about normal life, the audience has the chance to join the journey with her, as a humanized character, which makes you care about the movie that's colourful and vibrant. The film was rated 8.3/10 on IMDb, 4/5 on Common Sense Media and 76% on Metacritic. It's one that's enjoyable and engaging from start to finish and is one of the better films, making it a must watch for anyone who enjoys superheroes in action.



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