Planets located in the 1st House and their effects

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By 2017-06-18

By Susuil Premachandra

One should not be worried if none of the planets are posited in the 1st House. Each House is occupied by different planets and there is a lord for the 1st House. The scope of astrology is broad so that no one is able to learn all factors easily. It has to be accepted that astrology is a science based on mathematics though some tend to oppose. Criticisms have to be constructive and if one tends to criticize, he has to be at least aware of the fundamental teachings of this broad subject. According to historical evidence, the origin of astrology goes even beyond the era of the Buddha.

One's zodiac sign is calculated according to the star pattern manifested in the east sky at the time of his or her birth. Asterism refers to the location in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth. There are 27 asterisms in astrology in addition to the 12 zodiac signs. Some say there are 28 asterisms as there is another constellation known as 'Abhijith'. A day is consisted of 24 hours in accordance with Western calculations whereas there are 60 hours according to Sinhalese method.

Sun located in the 1st House is said to make the person rather proud and they move forward with great strength until the accomplishment of their targets. They hardly listen to others. They seem to be rather tall in comparison to others and they might be susceptible to illnesses caused by temperature. One might live long when Sun is placed in the 1st House occupied by Aries.
One will be attracted by others when Moon is located in the 1st House. They could lead comfortable lives. They are fortunate to associate with good friends. Predictions may vary according to the debilitation and the exaltation of Moon. Lack ofconfidence might be seen among the individuals who are under the influence of Moon located in the 1st.

Mars placed in the 1st makes individuals brave and courageous. They strongly stick to what they have planned and stand tall against injustice. In addition, they might be rather impulsive in front of injustice. Impatience of such personalities will drag them into unwanted problems. Debilitated Mars in the 1st House will make person selfish .Delays in marriage could also be expected depending on the nature in which Mars is placed in the 1st House. Ruchaka Yoga caused by Mars located in the1st House powerfully will make person rich and noble.

BadhraYoga , a yoga of

'Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga' is formed when Mercury is powerfully placed in the 1st House. They could lead a peaceful and a comfortable life. It is their nature to utilize the power of intellect. Peaceful persons are often seen when Mercury is located in the 1st. Sun placed in the 1st House with Mercury will make people powerful.

All the defects produced by planets will be subdued when Jupiter is placed powerfully in the 1st House by birth. People born with 'Guru Hansa Yoga' will reach success in life and they are able to lead a luxurious life. There have been many reputed and powerful Sri Lankans born with Guru Hansa Yoga. Debilitated Jupiter will produce malefic consequences. Jupiter placed in the 1st House occupied by Capricorn will result in debilitation.

Venus located in the 1st seems auspicious for females as that might make them attractive and pleasant. Venus placed powerfully in the 1st House forms ' Malavi Yoga' ; and persons with this yoga find their lives comfortable. They seem to be good at aesthetic subjects. Females under the influence of Venus in the 1st House is said to bring prosperity and fortune to her residence. Thus, males might be interested in seeking females with powerful Venus in the 1st House.

Individuals who are under Saturn located in the 1st House weakly seem to be rather thin and selfish in nature. Baldness might also be expected when Saturn in the 1st. Illnesses related to teeth could be expected. On the other hand, they have to be working hard in most situations. Positive consequences are expected when Saturn is posited auspiciously in the 1st.

People with Rahu in the 1st House love travelling. Rahu placed powerfully in the 1st House will make persons sociable and they might be fortunate to live abroad.

Delays in marriage might have to be expected depending on the nature of its location.

One's progress might be obstructed by kethu placed in the 1st House; but people with this planetary formation try to swim upstream and they are endowed with hidden talents.



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