Spectacular art extravaganza

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By 2017-06-18

DreamWorks, the biennial month-long Art and Craft Exhibition which opened on Thursday 25 May 2017 at the British School in Colombo is a spectacular art extravaganza which showcases the talent of the juniors of the school. The aim of the art exhibition is to share the enthusiasm and unseen talents and capabilities of young children with their proud parents, grandparents and sometimes even extended family. The brilliant and creative art teachers of the Junior School have spent a lot of time selecting the themes and the contents for presentation, and also displaying the paintings and 3-D models to ensure maximum effect, with the assistance of all members of the Junior School staff.

On display on all the walls of the corridors and the main stairwell of the Junior School are a spectacular range of paintings, sculptures, 3-D models with recyclable materials, wall hangings, mobiles, craft work and murals depicting lifestyles, moods, nature, fashion and a bit of history. A wide range of materials have been used in bringing this whole exhibition together; canvas, clay, jute, mesh and wire, grey cloth, used bottles, wood off-cuts and decorative materials for fashion designing are some of them. Items ranging from toothbrushes to drinking straws and Popsicle sticks to barbeque sticks have been used to portray fantastic hairstyles to fit-in with the theme 'DreamWorks.' Decorative umbrellas, lamp shades and dreamy curtains add to the creativity of the theme. The imaginative patterns and colour schemes, and the use of vibrant hues from nature are truly an exhibition of talent of an outstanding showcase school.

The opening ceremony was a riot of colour with costumes designed by the students themselves. It was a super display of dancing talent brought out by the fantastic dance teachers, in line with the themes of the exhibition. The Principal Dr. Scarth warmly welcomed the invitees and parents and described that he had a preview of some of the exhibits which were outstanding pieces of work from children of the Junior School. He mentioned that it was a remarkable sight to see the students proudly showing their creations to their parents. Dr. Scarth also mentioned that the clay models showing different hairstyles were his favourite section.

The opening dance was from 5B depicting the life of fishermen to the rhythmic beat of the song Hoiiya Hoiiya. Next came the fabulous dancers from 6D inspired by Polynesian culture; they presented a Hawaiian dance followed by a tribal dance displaying superb movements and expressions. Following them on stage was 5C in their glitzy black and gold costumes, portraying Egyptian murals in imaginative steps – to the beat of "Walk like an Egyptian." 'Pretend' by 5A was an enchanting masquerade to the tune of the Beautiful Blue Danube by Yohann Stauss; the ladies in beautiful ball gowns and the gentlemen in their immaculate dress suits were a sight to behold! The dance presented by 6B was inspired by colours and rhythms from the Middle-East; the popular song 'Asha' drew whistles and claps from the audience.

Next followed the rhythmic movement of the dancers from 5D to the tune of the song "Umbrella" with the concept drawn from the umbrellas designed by students of Year 3. Vibrant hues from the world of birds were brought alive by 6A. It was a 'first ever' to have witnessed tropical birds rapping along with the music!

Next, the Chief Guest Shanta Gunaratna delivered a very inspiring speech emphasising the importance of child art education in moulding a well-balanced personality in every child. She said that parents should encourage their children to bring out their creativity and the freedom of expression from a very early age. She also went on to say that the parents of BSC are indeed fortunate as their children get a fantastic opportunity to bring out their creativity and to display them in this manner.

Finally, 6C drew inspiration from the colours from the wonderful animal kingdom to bring out their fantastic walk on the ramp for Katy Perry's "Roar!"

The Head Boy Krrish Khanth and the Head Girl Maya Vitarana delivered the vote of thanks at the end of the event. All in all, the opening ceremony and the art exhibition were a marvellous display of talent from the students of the Junior School of the British School in Colombo.

The exhibition is open to the public till 25 June 2017 during the following times:
lWeekdays: 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

lWeekends 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
School visits could be arranged with prior appointments from the Junior School office.




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