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By 2017-06-19

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by Subhani M. Arachchige

The plant AMARAN THA CEAE which is known by its botanical name Celosia
Argentea is domestically grown.

This plant which develops up to 3 to 4 feet in height also has a beautiful flower which grows on it with the resemblance of a rose. This plant is noted for growing on hard and solid soil while it could be seen growing near marshy lands and rivers. The plant AMARAN THA CEAE is also suitable to be grown in a compound as well to beautify such places.

The seeds of AMARAN THA CEAE are also being used for many medicinal products while its leaves are being used for curries as well. The AMARAN THA CEAE is also suitable to be used by those suffering from eye diseases. It has also been recommended for headaches and for many stomach ailments too. Those afflicted by loss of appetite are also recommended to use this plant as a form getting their appetite back.

This plant has also been used to treat skin diseases while many tend to use it to enliven the color of their skins. The AMARAN THA CEAE could also refresh one's entire body and it is recommended to be used by women for their ailments in the heart.

This plant if it is consumed as food it has also the ability to destroy many bacteria in a human's body but it could cleanse the blood as well.

It is also advisable to be taken as a drink having steamed the plant in hot water and overall the AMARAN THA CEAE could be described as a divine drug which many have tended to overlook due either to their ignorance or not being aware of its presence and its many benefits.

Ayurvedic Dr. N. Arambegedara



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