Airtel empowers students affected in Meethotamulla tragedy

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By 2017-06-19

On April 14, residents in Meethotamulla and Kolonnawa encountered an unforeseen tragedy with the collapsing of the Meethotamulla garbage mound. Thirty two lives were lost following the calamity which affected 625 people and damaged 145 houses. During this time Airtel raised a generously contributed fund by employees to support and empower students affected in Meethotamulla.

The tragedy not only snatched away shelter and belongings, but also valuable note books and text books of close to 300 children. As the A/L Exam approaches, the anxiety of candidates in the affected area is increasing. Airtel employees contributed their time, money and energy to provide photocopied school notes and stationery for younger students.

Commenting on the humanitarian initiative, CEO of Bharti Airtel Lanka, Jinesh Hegde said, "During a national disaster such as this, we at Airtel believe that we are responsible to make a difference. With a perfect understanding about the needs of the affected children, our employees made a collective effort to not only contribute financial assistance but also to get to the ground level and understand the most crucial need for this community to rebuild their future. We want to reduce their burden during this difficult time and do something meaningful by empowering them, as they are the future of the country."



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