Rugby Academy helps young ruggerites

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By 2017-06-19

By Hafiz Marikar

Kandy Rugby Academy helps up and coming young ruggerites in a big way in the central hills under the chairmanship of old Zahirian A.W.A. Rasheed. This Academy was started a few years back, making use of the best rugby coaches in Kandy who have done extremely well in turning out good players.

The famous goal kicker Nalaka Weerakkody has now come forward to give a helping hand in place and long distance kicking. They also have some top coaches who are handling forwards, scrum halves and back division players.

This Academy has guided young players by giving them a good starting point by comprehensively teaching them to get to grips with the options available and offers several different opportunities for players.

They develop players to work hard and at the end all participants go out with big smiles on their faces.



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