PEN POTRAIT IRANGANIE Serasinghe –Exceptional nonagenarian

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By 2017-07-12

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Remarkably fortunate to invade stage, cinema 'n Television
Proved her inborn mettle in theatre, host of films in humble fashion inimitable
Unanimously reigning exemplary actress for continuous decades,
Multi-faceted , versatile veteran Irangani overacting evades

Professionally specialized in school of Speech 'n Drama London nearly two years
Returning from London a stint at SLBC, handled tourism sector, changed gears
Journalist Times of Ceylon, at Museaus College briefly teacher exemplary,
Volumes to pen, her brilliance, sorry compelled to limit this Eulogy.

My memory bank verdant, recall Irangani Meedeniya our History teacher
Picturesque beauty in Kandyan attire slight smile pleasing feature.
Standard six pupils awaited History period admired her, lesson made lively,
In my early teens at Musaeus College could fathom her teaching capability.

Under vigilant Principalship Clara Motwani Musaeus college prestigious
Studies in Dalton Plan, history interesting with Miss Meedeniya so gracious
Appreciated our diligence, attentiveness enthusiasm, committed teacher genuinely,
She methodically glued facts 'n figures in our tender minds deeply

Legend in Sinhala cinema, Silver lining in film field, national treasure
Icon unmatched contribution, gifted talents fame beyond measure
"Rukrekaganno" reached pinnacle of name Iranganie Serasinghe pioneer
Potrayed characters realistically, "Yasorawaya", "Doodaruwo" indomitable dramatic career

Challenging roles in "Rekawa" "Sandeshaya" , "Delowak Atara" , "God King" too many to mention
Embodiment of simplicity drew attention tranquil triumphant profession
Presidential awards, "Best actress" award two successive years, many more
Conquered silver screen, phenomenal figure cynosure of all eyes to adore

Cine Star Foundation led by Jayantha Dharmadasa organized
Special Felicitation ceremony to coincide her ninetieth birthday,
Grand event at Nawaloka hospital premises amid gathering distinguished,
Most senior actress Irangani reaching milestone in life prominent day

May the Triple Gem shower choicest blessings to be centenarian
Be garlanded, crowned, the greatest virtuous, benevolent humanitarian,
May you Live Long happily on lap of luxury in sound health,
To future younger generation, be an outstanding Tower of strength.

Kumari Kumarsinghe Tennakoon



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