Who is responsible for 2009 Lahore? - Sangakkara

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By 2017-07-13

By Anjana Kaluarachchi

CT Sports: Sri Lanka's legendry cricketer and former Captain Kumar Sangakkara called for an investigation regarding the 2009 Lahore attack, stating that it's high time to investigate as to why they were sent to Pakistan at that time without providing a proper answer to their questions regarding security prior to their tour.

"We were sent to Pakistan in 2009 and we returned with bullets in our bodies. I still have some iron from those bullets in my body.
We asked questions about security from SLC prior to that tour and did not get any answers. It's high time to investigate about it. Did SLC do a proper security assessment before sending us? It was as if we were sent to die. Why was that tour organized, was it because of a need of an individual? Who is responsible for what happen," questioned Sangakkara.

As Sangakkara described, SLC have not answered any of the questions prior to the tour; not even anything about insurance and have not talked about it since then.

Sangakkara refused to go to Pakistan even last year to play in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) citing security reasons and when offered extra money to play in the finals he said that lives cannot be measured by large amounts of money.

He said this when asked about former World Cup winning Captain Arjuna Ranathunga's recent comment regarding Sangakkara, as Ranatunga said Sangakkara did not give away his place for new players in the team.

Replying directly to that Sangakkara said he has batted from number 1-9 when needed.
Ranathunga was the SLC President in 2008 until December 2008 and Sri Lanka started their Pakistan tour on 20 January 2009.



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