MAIC wants to make friends not clients!

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By 2017-07-15

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By Darshani Abeyrathna

Marriage can be simply identified as the epitome of love and romance. We've been planning our big day since we were little girls.

All we want is a picture perfect wedding is it not? MAIC offers the most unique selection of wedding decorations to fit every theme, colour and style. It's amazing what a little fabric can do. Keep it formal and elegant with MAIC. In order to know more About MAIC Ceylon Today sat with Charith in order to have a glimpse of wedding decors.

Q. Let us know a little bit about what you are doing and what is MAIC all about

A. When we were schooling we just came up with this name. It was actually combination of two names "Ma" is for Malla (That is how all my close friends and family call me) and "IC" is from "Eric". Me and Eric, we are more like brothers. Simply I would say Eric is a brother from another mother. We were in the same class from Grade One.

We took the first step from one of our friend's weddings. And they allowed us to do as it was our own wedding. After the wedding we shared the pictures via Facebook and we got so many positive feedbacks from the onlookers. Although it was not a big deal, we did our best. After that wedding so many clients contacted me via Facebook and they also have spread the word about MAIC.

Q. What sorts of services do you offer (day-of coordination, full-service event design or à la carte planning)?

A. Event/Wedding decor theme and production (Main) - We are open to doing corporate event decor as well. Christmas Decor Visual merchandising - window displays. Interior decor is another new side we are looking at. We always do want to come out with new concept. When it comes to weddings, I feel it's important to highlight why we are different from the others. New concepts and ideas can create a great impact in a wedding. It's just more than choosing the colour theme. Everyone will agree with me when I say modern couples are really good at throwing a lavish wedding ceremony. We try our bestto be unique and intimate. Simply I can say that we are a mix of advertising and decor.

Q. Will you handle every aspect of the planning or can we do some things on our own? In other words, what parts of the planning will you be responsible for in weddings?

A. MAIC, we specialize in "concept decor", where we develop a unique decor theme which is inspired by you. This is your story, and we know there are little treasures and nuggets of memories that you have created along the way that are unique only to the two of you. What we aim is to bring out those unique elements that are special to the two of you to present your adventure together to the world in your own signature way, Charith said.

Therefore, share your story with us! We would love to have a chat with you and your fiancé (we can always mail you a set of questions if you are overseas) and create a concept around you two, and uncover these little gems to help create the perfect narrative of your journey to share with your loved ones on your big day and we do have a couple of packages that you can choose from.

Q. What do you strongly believe in?

A. Stay small - probably one of the toughest things to do with a growing business. Today from corporate clients to individuals, people crave for that personal touch/commitment and the feeling of "your business is important to us", not just in a quote but in reality as well. Basically, we will always be small enough so anyone who works with us will deal directly with us and we will be there throughout the whole process and not any other person or third party.

Q. Will you help the client to stay within budget?

A. Of course we do. We consider all our clients as friends, because we believe in making friends and not clients. The best way we can pay you back is with our creativity and our attention to detail.

Q. What were the most unique weddings you ever planned?

A. These are the unique themes that we have created so far.

Transparent: (Picture frames)

A. Is this love or just own my reflection that I see in your eyes? There is nothing beautiful in this world rather than looking to each other's eyes that are deeply in love with each other. In order to represent this notion we came up with. Transparent themed wedding decor for this wonderful couple using picture frames that saw through it all!

Journey: (Gold vintage vehicles)

A. Both of them loved travelling so much. Where ever they travelled, they kept theirfeet together and took a picture. Is not it too adorable, is it? They just loved to have fun, loved to be with people who are close to their heart and have a good drink and a chat, so fueling up was also an important part.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed wedding:

A. The idea of having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party was to give birth to a night full of unexpected creations. Together with Piyumi & Jitto, we wanted our guests to experience something unique and interactive, something different from the usual Sri Lankan wedding decor, something they will remember forever.

We can tell you that, It was a bit like going down the rabbit hole; from giant handmade paper flowers to quirky "playing card" chandeliers to tea cocktails to edible playing cards to custom made teapots and teacups, this was our way of going "mad", our way of creating magic with ideas.



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