ICCSL to create awareness among corporate sector to combat dengue

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By 2017-07-16

The International Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka (ICCSL) has launched an awareness campaign to prevent dengue and reduce incidence of the disease.

ICCSL has communicated the dangers of dengue to business and industry chambers in Sri Lanka and how it should be prevented. The daily steps that should be followed to get out of the problem. BOI Companies, Stock Exchange Companies, Banks, Manufacturing companies, Printing companies and other organizations have been informed to educate workers, families and friends.

ICCSL believes that if this process works out, they could make a great contribution to reduce the number of dengue patients at the initial stage. In the second stage they want to create a regular check list to be followed by every person in society. ICC Sri Lanka noted that if all sectors work hand in hand and create awareness , the number of dengue patients could reduce within a short time.

ICCSL Chairman Keerthi Gunawardane said "Being a responsible Chamber we saw that an awareness programme on Dengue was the need of the hour and we acted on it. Constant reminders must be made because people sometimes forget to destroy dengue breeding places due to their hectic lifestyles. We need to understand that mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus does not come from outside but from household items such as flower-pots, coolers, rejected tyres kept on rooftops or in the corner of the garden. We must ensure that water is not stagnant for sometime". The Healthy Ministry has warned that dengue has now entered a pandemic stage as the resurgence of the mosquito-borne menace has killed over 240 people and affected 80,000 so far in this year compared to a total of 51,000 cases reported in 2016.

ICC has the world's largest chamber network with over 6.5 million members in 130 countries and ICC worldwide supportive and responsible to create competitive business environment and work as the world business organization.



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