Evil Forces

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By 2017-07-16

By Ranga Chandrarathne

In this exclusive interview, Herman Gunaratne, the author of the book 'God's secret Agent, a battle against black forces', spells out his remarkable exploration into the sub-terrain of evil with the gifted exorcist Nissanka Wimalasuriya who had the rare gift of direct communication with the Holy Spirit and he invoked the power the Holy Spirit to expel evil charms and to rescue the victims. There is a remarkable story where a top professional invoked evil forces against other and the success thus achieved was short-lived and the young evil doctor met with tragic accident. At last he succumbed to his injuries. At the end of the story, the author states; "There was neat justice in what happened to Dr. Tony. In his endeavours to 'wade through slaughter to the crown', so many people died, because of the sorcery that was done to Dr. Paul. He succeeded to some extent in taking Dr. Paul's position, but for how long and to what end? The Devil delivers faster than the Holy Spirit, but the consequences are dreadful and unrelenting. This, of course, is the cardinal message that the book delivers to the readers. If anyone who thinks that transient gains achieved through evil is long lasting, he or she is surely to regret sooner or later and the consequences are, deadly.

Q: At a superficial level your book 'God's secret Agent, a battle against black forces' is a story of Nissanka Wimalasuriya, who had god's gift to work against the evil forces with the help of the Holy Spirit. The book recalls, perhaps, one of the enduring journeys into the sub-terrain dark world dominated by dark forces. However, it is also the proverbial triumph of good against evil. The story is equally remarkable when it is related from a perspective of a non-believer or non-conformist of the very existence of evil forces, black magic and exorcism. As a non-believer how would you revisit your remarkable journeys into the dark world?

A: It was quite accidental and one thing leads to another. However, I had a peripheral association with an assorted bunch of sorcerers and witch craft men. I did not believe in these rituals but went to them during desperate times. The Journey with the Holy Spirit was remarkable It Changed my whole outlook in life.

Q: Nissanka has been introduced to the readers as a gifted man. The talents that he possessed were all God-given gifts since he did not master some of the remarkable talents such as his in-born talent to play any instrument of music without ever learnt to play. Incident at a German bar in Germany testifies to this. How could anyone ever describe such talents in rational terms?

A: I am sure, by now, through your experiences, you recognize that there may be another plane or as Buddhism describes, there may be infinite number of such planes beyond rationality and beyond our mundane comprehension. In the book, you have detailed out series of such incidents. How would you look back on the strange way you got yourself involved in these journeys and what a delicate role that fate played in the entire episodes of life?

A: Several times I asked Nissanka ' Why are you always wanting me to accompany you. After all I am a non- believer (then). His reply was I do not know. It is not I, Nissanka

who wants you but the Holy spirit that is asking me. Perhaps the Holy Spirit guided me and Nissanka knowing full well that I will eventually narrate this story to the world. Indeed, when I started writing this story my fingers moved across the keyboard almost as if I was being guided by some unseen power. I spent only one hour a day for three months to complete this book.

Q: In the preface to the book, you have no uncertain terms spelled out the contents of the book as 'A story of the Occult, Sorcery and Satanism'. It seems that black magic, exorcism has been practicing for ages and may be continue underneath the fabric of society. What do you think are the principal factors that prompted people do charms and curses against others?

A: It is far easier to obtain favor from evil forces than it is to obtain favor from God or the Buddha. There are no commandments or precepts to abide by the devil only wants to be venerated and is in competition with God. He wants sacrifices in blood or gold and can then be directed to do the bidding of the sorcerer and through him to the person who goes to the sorcerer. It is envy, jealousy and revenge that drives men to evil.

It is a part of the human condition.

Q: In the chapter 'Story of the Power of Jesus Christ', describes how the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit healed Nissanka and how Nissanka gained his power from the Holy Spirit. Subsequently Nissanka had used it to combat evil. In a way, you have suggested that unseen hand had also help remember minutest details of the series of incidents that took place while you were writing the book without any notes. How has this happened?


A: This is the work of the Holy Spirit. I did not ever think I will remember but when I sat down to write the book memories started flooding back in the most remarkable manner. It is beyond
my comprehension how it happened. I am convinced it was the work of the Holy spirit.

Q: The chapter titled 'The Serpent of the Satan' reveals the deadly acts that can be performed against a targeted person by invoking the dark forces in the form of different animals such as snake. However, power of Jesus Christ and Buddha can combat them. Your comments...

A: This is the most diabolical and evil weapon in the arsenal of the evil forces. Who else but the Holy Spirit can combat the devil? The Buddhists can do it with the power of Pirith recitations. I have seen the effect of both.

Q: One of the interesting chapters of the book is one about the famous or infamous Buddhist priest known as the Kondadeniya Priest. He was, perhaps, the most famed master of black magic, sorcery and exorcism who was legendary for his deadly deeds. How would you revisit this incident and your close encounter with the Kondadeniya priest?

A: I did not have a personal encounter with the Maho priest (Kondadeniya) but his work is what I have seen and described in the book. He was the grand master. With Nissanka standing like a shadow behind us there was no fear, otherwise none of could have done what we did. If there was a duel between Nissanka (the holy spirit) and Kondadeniya priest I have no doubt who would have succeeded.

Q: Equally interesting are the episodes involving J.R. Jayawardene, the first Executive President of Sri Lanka and the removal of the curse on the UNP. The ugly story behind this curse was that some powerful businessmen wanted to earn more money while some politicians wanted power. Your comments...

A: Where there is power there is perversion of power. I later learnt that Kondadeniya was a strong adherent of the Party opposing JRJ. He had a personal motive to destroy the UNP and JRJ, who never went to him or any other mumbo jumbo man, for favor.

Q: In the chapter 'Battle for hearts and Minds', you have described black magic was performed against one member of a noble profession against another purely due to professional jealousy and business rivalry. This incident shows that black magic, sorcery and curses are not confined to people of lower class but in fact, actively practiced at every social stratum of society. How would you analyze this aspect?

A: This is only one story that I have recited. There are many more. Human emotions are the same irrespective of higher and lower classes. It is only the gradations that differs. The rich and powerful can hire and unleash the best sorcerers and the most powerful ones, after all they work for money!

Q: However, the tragic end of the son of the God is another manifestation how unbridle greed can destroy even a man of faith. Ultimately greed has consumed the man with God-given gift to combat evil and dark forces. Your comments...

A: In Nissanka's case there NEVER was any greed or avarice. He broke his covenant with God, you cannot disobey God even on behalf those near and dear to you.

Q: Juliet Coombe's encounter with dark forces and how her life was nearly ruined by these satanic forces, are quite disturbing developments. Juliet is the publisher of the book. 'God's Secret agent, a battle against black forces,'among other things, warns the readers of such evil influences that may have changed the circumstances of your life. After becoming a part of these remarkable experiences, what is your core message for the readers who may be non-believer and who may yet have not encountered the evil effects of such curses on their lives?

A: If you live a life according to the commandments of God and the precepts of the Buddha, evil unleashed against will have a minimum effect. However, the devil is a fallen angel and does have power. My message indeed the theme of what I want to tell the world is ' Whatever the temptation and anger and jealousy you may have never resort to mobilizing evil. The results may be quick but short lived and will come back to haunt you'



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