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By 2017-07-16

by Indeewara Thilakarathne

Herman Gunaratne's latest book titled 'God's Secret Agent, a Battle Against Dark Forces' is perhaps, a rare insight into the realm which is dominated by dark forces. The book is also important given the fact that it was written by a Buddhist about the power of God and in essence, the omnipotent power of the Buddha and the Holy Spirit.

It is a realm exists underneath the social fabric where the fates of the individual on the surface of earth is determined by powerful and sometimes evil-minded practitioners of witchcraft, black magic, occult, sorcery and Satanism.

In the sheer absorbing thriller-like read, the author who is, without doubt, a master story teller, takes the reader into this mysterious realm. At the end of the enthralling story, the author, in no uncertain terms, concludes that one can combat all the dark forces and evil-doing by the sheer power of the Christ and the Buddha. Perhaps, the most stunning revelation, other than the power of God, is the practice of black magic, which is evident throughout the nation at all strata of society. Obviously, those who seek the help of black magic and dark forces are prompted by an unquenchable greed for wealth, fame, social status and sheer professional jealousy. Interestingly witchcraft is being practiced by not only so called uneducated villagers but also educated and highly acclaimed professionals in the country.

In the preface the author, explains the backdrop against which he wrote the book as, "How then can I talk about God our Savior and Jesus Christ that this story is all about. It is also a story of evil, dark forces and the Devil and how it is only the power of Christ and the power of the Buddha that can overcome them. Have I seen God or the Buddha? I have seen neither. Have I seen the Devil? The answer is that I have not. I have not seen the evil forces or devil, but I have experience of some strange events, which have shown me that there is a dark side to this world for which a rational explanation cannot be given. I have felt the sinister presence of these dark forces. Can one believe something for which there is no rational or logical explanation? That judgment I leave completely to the reader.

My story is about exorcism and how the power of Jesus Christ and the unseen power of the Buddha were used to combat and nullify evil powers. The exorcist of this narrative was a Buddhist and became a staunch Christian."

What is in store for the readers are not mere stories of miracles, but also story of unbridled human greed for wealth, fame and jealousy. Black magic and exorcism have been practiced among professionals in the higher echelons of society. One appalling story is how a highly qualified doctor did exorcism on fellow practitioner and the heavy price that the evil doctor must pay at the end of the day. The moral message is one may get an edge over in some field against another by evil charms, but that would be temporary and a heavy price must be paid.

There are so many things in this world, which we cannot understand and are beyond our comprehension. These events may eventually spawn more questions than answers. As for me, I saw the awesome power that Nissanka (the exorcist) told me came from the Holy Spirit. The consequences were all very benign. I saw the beneficial effects after the removal of these spells. I believe my own eyes and I make no apologies for my belief.

These evil dispensers were not the ordinary village folk who usually engaged in witchcraft. They were the most educated citizens in the land, with the highest professional qualifications. What makes a man do this to another? If learned doctors engage in mumbo jumbo, what can you expect from ordinary village folk who have grown up believing that devil veneration is something benign and beneficial to humankind?

The innocent and much-maligned doctor, after a lifetime service to humanity, retired to his seaside resident in Jaffna. In this battle of the cardiothoracic surgeons the winner, albeit with a temporary victory, was the man who unleashed evil. Did he win? My conclusion is that he did, by the very fact that the Dr. Paul was no longer in the coveted position that he enjoyed, and that is precisely what was intended by the mumbo jumbo; not to kill or maim but for Dr. Paul to surrender his position to the rival cardiothoracic surgeon. However, evil may win a few battles but never the war. Dr. Tony could not enjoy or rejoice over his new-found power and recognition for long. He was preening and parading among the Colombo elite, when tragedy struck him with sudden and merciless fury.

In the prime of his life, this handsome but evil doctor met with a horrible death in a motorcar accident. He had a head-on collision on the Galle Face Green Road in the capital. His chest was badly injured, and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He was conscious and pleading with the nurses and other medical orderlies accompanying him in the ambulance. 'I know how serious the accident was, there is only one man who can save me, and that is Dr. Paul. Get him here from wherever he is and tell him that I want him to operate on me.' The traducer finally was confronted by his nemesis.

Was this an act of God? 'Vengeance is mine', sayeth the Lord. I honestly do not know the answer. It did seem as if the doctor was eaten up and devoured by the very same monster that he unleashed. Buddhism offers a simple explanation; it is Newton's third law of motion, 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction,' Was this the Karma that overtook the doctor?"

The book, which is a compelling read with the mixed characteristics of a novel and thriller. The incidents are recorded in the most candid manner. The book is a proof that evil incantations are at work and people of all walks seek to do evil on others for diverse reasons. However, the most important fact to bear in mind is that the only forces that can combat evil are the power of the Buddha and power of the Jesus Christ.

The experiences of Juliet Coombe, the publisher is also harrowing and in a way sad, as she encountered many evils. God's Secret Agent, a battle against dark forces, by Herman Gunaratne is a must read for all the readers who want to know about the realm of dark forces.



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