Know whether he is your friend or foe

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By 2017-07-16

By Vishwamitra

Saturn, the second largest planet in the our solar system is also generally looked upon as the most malefic of all planets.What Saturn represents

Saturn is the lord of the Zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac which represents Karma or action and Aquarius is the 11th sign which represents Labha or gain. This means Saturn rules over two important facets of human life, profession or career and income or means of livelihood.

Saturn is the Karaka (Significator) for illness, poverty, grief, longevity, obstacles and death.
Saturn is the only planet to command the special power to cause three malefic periods during the lifetime of a human being called Jamma Erashtaka, Lagna Erashtaka and Ashtamaya Erashtaka. In India these malefic periods are referred to as Sade sati.
A Dasa period of 19 years has been allocated to Saturn under the Vimshottari Dasa system.

Results produced
Though a natural malefic Saturn becomes a functional benefic when he is well posited in a horoscope and is aspected by benefics. A strong Saturn confers a long, healthy, prosperous and successful life while an unfavourable or weak Saturn causes the native much grief, suffering and misery.

Saturn is strong in his own signs Capricorn and Aquarius and in his sign of exaltation (ucca), Libra owned by Venus. A native born with Saturn posited in any one of these three signs falling in a Kendra or a quadrant, 1st, 4th, 7th or the 10th House becomes a beneficiary of Sasa Maha Purusha Yoga.

Saturn as in the case of any other malefic (Sun, Mars, Rahu or Ketu) is normally strong when placed in the 3rd and the 11th Houses. However, his strength or the weakness depends largely on the sign he occupies.

Saturn's planetary friends and foes
Mercury and Venus are natural friends of Saturn and the signs by these two planets, Gemini and Virgo (by Mercury) and Taurus and Libra (owned by Venus) are Saturn's friendly signs. Jupiter is a neutral for Saturn and Moon, Sun and Mars are his enemies and the signs owned by them, Cancer (by Moon), Leo (by Sun) and Aries and Scorpio (by Mars) are his inimical signs. Aries is the sign where Saturn gets debilitated or Neecha.

Saturn when placed in his exaltation sign, his own signs or in a friendly sign produces good results and when he is placed in his debilitation sign or inimical signs very bad results. Last week we discussed the results Saturn produces when he is placed in signs from Aries to Virgo. Let us consider the results Saturn produces when he is placed in signs from Libra to Pisces.

Saturn when posited in Libra – the sign where he gets exalted – would give the best results like fame, respect, wealth and authority. Saturn in this sign produces great intellectuals with noble thoughts. He enjoys comforts wherever he is. If Venus in Taurus or elsewhere gets afflicted, he would suffer the loss of his wife. Native would get a good education and respectable friends to keep company with. He would remain loyal and faithful to his wife after marriage. He is far- sighted and would make his life a great success by the dint of perseverance. He has a mind of his own and would not allow anyone to influence his way of thinking. He would enjoy longevity.

Saturn when posited in Scorpio– an inimical sign owned by Mars – native may become capricious, merciless and may resort to sinful and illegal acts which could lead him to imprisonment. He would be a jealous, miserly and cunning person. He is no respecter of religious values. He has the acumen to know the kind of investments that would give him good returns. He would achieve successes and high recognition by foul means. His love relationships would end in failure. He would have to lead a miserable lonely life in his old age.

Saturn when posited in Sagittarius – a sign owned by Jupiter – gives the native a good spouse, good children, wealth, happiness and goodwill and patronage of the rulers. Native is an upright, bold and truthful person who has gained deep insights into life and religion. He is a foresighted person with a deep fellow-feeling. He is not subservient to anyone nor would he give into undue pressure or influence. His children would be fortunate. He may suffer from rheumatic pains. He would lead a righteous and religious life.

Saturn when posited in Capricorn– his own sign gives the native general prosperity, sensual pleasures, lands and property and even a position of authority. Native becomes very selfish and would think of his own wellbeing. He would have no faithful friends. He would associate with undesirable and uncouth people. He would work hard day and night for his own progress. His married life could become a failure. His children too would be as miserly as himself. He may become a victim to a prolonged illness which would give him immense pain. He would have a painful death.

Saturn when posited in Aquarius – his own sign – gives the native wealth, fame and happiness. This sign being the Moolatrikona position for Saturn is very favourable for the native. Native is a compassionate and selfless intellectual popular among his friends and respected by others. He may undergo much hardship and suffering while trying to relieve others of hardship and suffering. He would be a scholar who would utilize his knowledge and skills for the good of others. His marriage would be a great success. Words he utters would be pleasing to those who hear him. He would be hygienic in his habits which would help him lead a healthy life. He would have a peaceful death. Many people would mourn his death for a long time.

Saturn when posited in Pisces – a sign owned by Jupiter – the native would be pious and devoted to his religion. However, this is not a position favourable for worldly success. He would incur monetary losses due to placing his trust in cunning people. His children would get separated from him. Even his marriage would not be a success. He would be remembered as a good person for a long time even after his death.



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