Cat’s Eye Empowers Kethu

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By 2017-07-16

By Bisara Chanakya Manage

Astrology is basically centred on the nine planets known as Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. Among those planets, there is a common notion that the effects produced by Kethu are less than auspicious. There is no visible planet known as 'Rahu' in reality; but in accordance with astrological calculations, Kethu is considered a shadow planet.

Rahu and Kethu are known as shadow planets because they are the points where the Moon and the Earth's orbits intersect. In other words, Rahu is known as the North node of Moon and Kethu is known as the South node of Moon. These planets are not visible; but the electromagnetic effects produced by the shadow planets seem to be highly influential. Therefore, shadow planets seem to be playing a key role in astrology.

Though it is generally believed that Kethu is unfavourable, it might produce positive outcomes when it is auspiciously posited. Progress in education, financial and property gains, attractiveness and job related to the field of medicine could be expected when Kethu is located positively. Students who are under the influence of Kethu are said to be clever in the academic sphere.

Kethu may not be powerful as a separate planet; but the main and the interim periods and the constellation in which Kethu is located are important. Therefore, one should be well aware of the effects that can be produced by Kethu. If one expects to wear gemstones due to the effects of Kethu, he or she should seek the assistance of a veteran astrologer. Kethu is generally empowered by Cat's Eye. Empowering Kethu will help a person overcome illogical fear and anxiety whereas it also enhances the person's intellectual capacity and it will develop the hidden talents in the person. It is also said that wearing Cat's Eye might prevent illnesses such as phlegm complications, allergies, skin diseases, gastritis, paralysis, cancer and memory related issues. Cat's Eye is generally worn in the middle finger and the neurons in the middle finger therefore will be stimulated and the power of Cat's Eye will carry throughout the body as a result. However, one should seek the guidance of experts in the field in selecting gemstones.



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