Mars debilitated while Saturn in Scorpio

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By 2017-07-16

By Anuradha Perera

Mars, the commanding planet of the zodiac transited its debilitated House Cancer on July 11 2017 at 3.00 p.m. The transit of Mars took place under the asterism of Suwana and Nawamshaka of Sagittarius. In accordance with astrological teachings, the transit of Mars is not considered auspicious.; but its malefic effects might be reduced to a certain extent since the 1st House is aspected by Venus located in the 7th House and Jupiter, Moon and Venus are posited in a trine. Anyhow, debilitation of Mars might produce negative consequences in the near future.

Effectiveness of a planet is reduced when it is posited in a debilitated House; and the aspects controlled by the planet might be affected as a result. Thus, politicians who have been born under Cancer, Libra and Aquarius might have to experience malefic outcomes due to aforementioned transit. They might have to leave their positions and their positions will be replaced by others. In the meantime, their reputation and social acceptance might also be under threat. Collisions, accidents caused by sea waves and anti-social activities have to be expected. Global security seems to be threatened due to terrorism. Therefore, those who are responsible must pay special attention to global security.

Transit of Mars is unfavourable in terms of local administration since the function of the government might be obstructed. According to Lanka's horoscope, Saturn is posited in the 10th House inauspiciously and Mars the ruling planet of the 10th is located in an inimical House at the moment. Thus, the period ahead will be challenging to the current government and the government might have to be much concerned about the security of the country. Conspiracies in the government itself will be reported and the faith of people in the government might diminish. Conflicts between the government and the public have to be expected. Therefore, the government and the public should be attentive in this regard. Motor traffic accidents, commotions and anti-social acts will be on the rise. Transit of Mars will cause mortal effects to an underworld leader. Cultivation in the country might be threatened by unexpected pesticide effects. Crimes, fire related accidents and issues in relation to sports will be on the increase. Therefore, the period ahead will be troublesome locally and internationally. People born under Sagittarius and Cancer should be cautious because accidents seem to be on the cards. Aquarians on the other hand might have to expect health related complications. Scorpios will have to be extra cautious during the period.



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