Roof may be the root cause of trouble

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By 2017-07-16

By Thilak Ratnayake

A roof to a house is like a head to a body. All organs of body, function on the direction of the head. And the roof provides shade to the inhabitants to live life comfortably, devoid of danger and ill-health. Each part of the roof comes under a mathematical system. The beams, should be of odd numbers while supporting struts must be of an even number. If the struts of the main beam are of an even number, all remaining supports of the roof too should be of an even number.

Two houses
In two houses that are limited lengthwise, if there is only one strut, between the roofs of both houses, the owner will fall into the depths of poverty despite his efforts. Although the length is somewhat limited, there should be two struts at the top of the roof. Three joints are inauspicious for a main beam as only two should be there. There should not be a joint right in the middle of the main beam. Iron nails are highly inauspicious to be used on the joints. Use wooden nails and thereafter using U bolts for fortification will keep it in place.

It is inauspicious to fix beams perpendicular to the centre of the foundation or the intersecting point of crosses drawn across the house and land(Gini Kathire). It should be placed 5 or 6 inches away from this point. It is inauspicious to keep three joints parallel to the main beam. It is also inappropriate to have joints on the sides and the centre door frames. The rafters should be of an even number.

Money spent on a house will not be returned; but only auspicious outcomes will result. It will give thousands of benefits such as fortune, progress, family harmony, health and children's educational progress.

We have many times seen those who end up on pavement due to the defects in the houses they occupied. That is why we should try to build our house according to Vastu principles. It is important for the draftsmen to have some knowledge on Vastu for the good of everyone involved. When plans are drawn by those who do not believe in Vastu science, the plan may consist of multiple defects. They may render the head of the household vulnerable and lead to breaking down and rebuilding the house at numerous times.

If one creates dire situations for another intentionally or unintentionally, he will be born in hell and nobody will be able to save him. Money earned by one through much sacrifice can dissipate due to such defects.

Due to the fortune associated with some houses, those who rent out that house too will benefit by being able to build a house of their own after sometime. You must have known such events taking place in your own village.

This fact has been proven in our research work. To gain good knowledge of Vastu science, one should have at least 40 years of practical experience more than the book knowledge. One will not be able to build another's life by simply undergoing a Vastu course of 6 months. In addition to being dexterous, they should be imbibed with compassion and loving kindness. If he snaps at each question asked by the builder of the house, he cannot be a good Vastu architect.

You will be bestowed with fortune even if a person of such high calibre enters your house,!
May you be well!
May the triple gem bless you!



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