Kinthushan, Sudarmathy win Half-Marathon

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By 2017-07-17

CT Sports: Shivandan Kinthushan of Vavuniya Tamil CC and S. Sudarmathu of Udiyarkaddu MV won the boys and girls half marathon at the All Island School Mini Marathon for North, North Central and Eastern Provinces held in Jaffna yesterday. The event was fully sponsored by Nestomalt.

The 21 km race was organized by the Education Ministry and started at 4.30 p.m. from Duraiappah Stadium in Jaffna and ended at the same place. The race also included a 5 km race.
This is the first of four Mini Marathons to be held and there will be three more held island wide this year, all sponsored by Nestomalt.

This is the first time a regional marathon competition of this magnitude was held for a school age group, which will certainly help in the development of long distance running in Sri Lanka. As a country Sri Lanka has already produced both male and female Olympian marathoners and this programme will surely help to increase future Olympian marathoners in the country.

Boys: 1. S. Kinthushan (Vavuniya Tamil CC) 1:14.52 sec, 2. P. Jenanthanan (Oddusuddan MV) 1:22.35 sec, 3. R. Rinujan (Kokuvil HC Jaffna) 1:24.5 sec, 4. K. Dinesh (Skandavarthya College) 1:26.1 sec, 5. S. Thishan (Kokuvil HC) 1:27.5 sec
Girls: 1. S. Sudarmathy (Udayarkaddu MV, Mullaitivu) 1:37.3 sec, 2. S. Vithusha (Katchilaimadu College, Mullaitivu) 1:44.7 sec, 3.

T. Densika (Kilinochchi MMV) 1:44.4 sec, 4. Y. Nitharsana (Puthkudiyiruppu CC) 1:52.1 sec, 5. L. Mangayatkarasi (Pranpattu Kalaimady Vidyalaya) 1:57.5 sec
Boys (5km): 1. M. Anojan (Nelliady CC Jaffna) 18:25.7 sec, 2. V. Sajeevan (Hindu College Jaffna) 18:59.1 sec, 3. K.

Vasantharupam (Karai Hindu College Jaffna) 19:01.0 sec, 4. N. Sajeepan (St.Patrick's College) 19:08.9 sec, 5. P. Abinesh (Manipay HC Jaffna) 19:09.8 sec
Girls (5km): 1. Akocishaleka (Palugollagama MV) 21:22.4 sec, 2. S.H. Dharmapriya (Galenbidunuwewa CC) 22:28.5 sec, 3. S.L.. Nimashika Wanasinghe (Deegahboya Vidyalala) 23:26.7 sec, 4. P.Laxman (Nelliady CC) 23:30.4sec, 5. Mangayatkarasi 23:41.0 sec



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