Constitutional Reform Committee

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By 2017-07-17

By Methmalie Dissanayake

A group of intellectuals affiliated to the Joint Opposition (JO) has issued an ultimatum demanding that participants in the Constitutional Reform Committees immediately leave their positions.

But if the JO still wants to remain in the Constitutional Reform Council, there is no difference between them and the Government; National University Teachers' Association (NUTA)......... General Secretary Dr. Channa Jayasumana lashed out yesterday.

Jayasumana stressed the JO, in being a part of the constitutional reforms, amid the protests of Mahanayaka theros, is highly questionable. Therefore, the JO should withdraw from the Constitutional Reform Committee immediately if they truly love the country as they imply, he added.

"Our Mahanayaka theros have shown their clear objection about the proposed reforms to the constitution. The theros said the country does not need a new constitution and any other reforms to it. So the NUTA does not see any reason the JO needs to participate in this committee now," Dr. Jayasumana added.

Elaborating the NUTA's opinion further, Dr. Jayasumana said that the real voice of the citizenry now stands with the JO. Therefore, the JO should not be a part of the proposed constitutional reforms by any means, he said.



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