An effective local medicine for Dengue

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By 2017-07-24

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By Yasas Dharshanapriya, Aluthgama

Waharaka Abhaya Rathnalankara Thera, Gonagaldeniya Wahara Ariya Chinthashramadhipathi has an unfailing, effective medicine from traditional Ayurveda that can be easily made out of the bamboo tree to treat the disease of Dengue which is spreading rapidly in urban areas of the country these days.

This medicine can be used while undergoing western or any other medical treatment. However, it has to be especially reminded that this medicine is not good for pregnant mothers.

How to prepare the medicine: A length of a shoot or sprout of bamboo between 2 to 5 feet long has to be taken and the outer bark should be peeled off similar to peeling the trunk of a plantain tree. While removing these outer coverings, in the middle of the shoot on the upper corner you will find white part in the shape of a plantain flower (kehel muha) which is soft and that has to be taken out separately. Then this part should be cut into small pieces and put into a mortar and pounded well. The juice that results has to be strained through a clean strong piece of cloth or another method without adding water. Then it should be put into another container. Now the medicine has been prepared. This medicine can be stored at room temperature for about two and a half to three days. If inside a refrigerator it can be stored up to a period of a month.

Dosage: The medicine that was thus prepared can be consumed by adults two table spoons (30ml) each time, for an older child one tablespoon (15ml) and for a young child a dose of two teaspoons (10ml) at one time and for toddlers one teaspoon (5ml) and for an infant ½ a teaspoon (2.5 ml), three times a day. That is at 6 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 10 at night, or five doses should be given eight hourly. It is not suitable to consume more than five doses.

The entire treatment takes only one and a half days. Without any other treatment, all fevers including Dengue can be cured. With two doses, the discomfort in the body disappears and the patient experiences a lively feeling. There are instances that an increase in the platelet count is not shown even after five doses have been completed. Even then, the patient appears well and a person seeing the patient from outside will clearly see a difference. If it is for a patient who is very weak, subsequent to this treatment a medicine for nourishment has also to be given. This situation could impact especially children. When the 'monarakudumbiya' tree is removed from the root and used to prepare conjee, the level of Haemoglobin will increase and blood will be nourished. It can be consumed as a 'mallung' or even a salad. Girapala conjee or curries are also beneficial. Monarakudumbiya brings relief to burning sensations in the body. When conjee is made out of leaves, shoots and flowers from the tree known by the names of 'balu nakuta', 'balal nakuta' and 'rila neti' if there are low levels of platelets they will return to normal. It is also beneficial to consume 'kerekoku' or 'baru koku' made into a curry. In addition if conjee made from heen bovitiya leaves is given to a patient, the complications that occur because of dengue in the liver and spleen get controlled. If equal quantities of 'pathpaadagam' and 'vishnukranthi' are boiled, strained and the water consumed, Ayurvedic Science has pointed out that the platelet count can be increased.




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