Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

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By 2017-07-25

By: Huriyyah Hameed

With great power comes great responsibility and nobody knows it better than our young Peter Parker, fresh out of the Civil War battle. Unfortunately, with all the licensing issues and such, Scope Cinemas were the only one playing Spider-Man Homecoming and it's only till 27 July.

The cast includes Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Zendaya as Michelle Jones, Jon Favreau as Harold "Happy" Hogan, Tony Revolori as Eugene "Flash" Thompson, Laura Harrier as Liz Allan and Donald Glover as Aaron Davis.

Homecoming will be Iron Man 4, they said. Iron Man will steal the show, they said. Judge not a movie you haven't yet watched, I say. It was the right amount of Tony Stark sprinkled over a Marvel movie. Honestly, I regret nothing. It's worth everything. Let me admit, I teared up like... twice throughout the movie.

It starts off with the Vulture's origin story. Toomes has a salvage team (Ah, I get it. A play on vulture and scavenging) and are clearing up material from the Battle of New York (Avengers 2012) when they are stopped from doing so by head of Damage Control, Anne Marie Hoag (Tyne Daly). Angry and stubborn, Toomes manages to set up an underground operation with the chitauri technology his team had already salvaged, making and selling weapons and such.
Eight years later we see Toomes as the Vulture with a high-tech outfit, running a very successful business.

And in that same period in time, we see our friendly neighborhood Peter Parker who studies in Midtown High School, is barely an Avenger and not as responsible as we'd like him to be, still blooming out of his superhero bud... or something similarly poetic for this situation. Peter's just a teenager, a proper one this time. We don't have to deal with Uncle Ben getting shot or any of the clichés we had to endure in the previous Spider-Man movies.

Peter quits the decathlon team because he feels Tony would need him to do some super-heroing. So he heads out, fighting general crime in his city when the whole "Avengers robbing an ATM" scene happens. But this is when Peter first encounters one of those special weapons Toomes makes. That very night, his best friend Ned discovers he is Spider-Man. This leads to them collaborating to do a lot of mischief including attempting to deactivate the tracing device in Spider-Man's suit and carrying around a piece of one of Toomes' weapons. All along, we have Michelle somewhere in the background, judging them and making snarky comments.

Young heroes screw up and it's not just about their age. Peter had been Spider-Man for a very short time and this movie captures it better than any other. It isn't a sob story. It encapsulates the good and the bad. The acting is wonderfully realistic. It's nice to see a variety of expressions on our Peter Parker's face instead of the constant half-smiling, half-crying one we're so used to.
The movie feels so real. The school life isn't overly harsh for Peter. He is in an institute that values intellectuals and the guy who bullies him isn't a typical jock. Flash is just a sort of smart dude trying to be better than Peter but can't. The overall package lacks the recycled clichés present in the original trilogy and the duller Andrew Garfield movies.

It was comedic in a subtle way. It maintained the cartoonish atmosphere of the Spider-Man comics and cartoons, his witty remarks while fighting villains and of course, Tom Holland had trained strenuously so that he would be physically fit to do many of the Spider-Man moves himself. And don't forget the Marvel movie formula includes a couple of very dark movie moments to draw out those tears.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be Iron Man 4, they said. Iron Man will steal the show, they said. Judge not a movie you haven't yet watched, I say and you know I'm right.
Marvel not only namedrops Damage Control, we get to see a little bit of their work and how they get involved. Aside from that, I'm now pretty certain Miles Morales will appear sometime in the future because his "uncle", Aaron Davis, a local criminal who happens to be having a transaction with Toomes' men when Peter stumbles upon them, mentions him. This is all very exciting. I love Miles Morales, care less about Damage Control, and really want Spider-Man to be under Marvel again. With so many tie-ins, I hope they achieve that with a follow-up Spider-Man movie.

The witty, smart, brave, confused, stumbling, fumbling Spider-Man we deserve. Tobey may have nostalgia on his side but from all the comics and all the cartoons I've watched, hands down, Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man/Peter Parker so far.
And Zendaya: Amazing, talented, gorgeous Zendaya. Brought tears to my eyes when they added that twist at the end, won't tell you what about. You should go find out.
An amazing movie for the whole family to enjoy, it has its dark moments and its comedic moments, as is Marvel's style. Don't wait till it's gone because you've got a few days left to catch in theatres, in 3D!




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