Tree of Enlightenment of Supreme fame The Bodhi Tree

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By 2017-07-26

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Throughout world Buddhist pay homage the sacred Bodhi tree
Siddharta Gautama attained Enlightenment at foot of holy tree.
Billions pay respect, greatly venerated tree in piety,
With fervent hope of bestowing merit 'n prosperity.

No other tree receives the attention care 'n respect as this tree
As long as Buddhism exists tradition 'll go on so free.
The Bodhi tree considered symbol of Dynamic life many a century
The tree of Wisdom, Enlightenment Supreme fame, Tree of great sanctity.

Popular as Pippali or Aswatta in Sanskrit from long ago this tree
After Gautama's Enlightenment this tree became known as Bodhi tree.
Deeply venerated as auspicious lucky emblem for environment
An authentic history for centuries, King of trees filled with enchantment.

The oldest tree in world young looking significant distinction,
In regal splendour stands majestically in supreme perfection.
Constantly fluttering evergreen foliage rhythmic melody.
Like pattering rain whispering much needed peace 'n unity.

Recalling epoch making events in History by gone era,
By Their Sangamitta for ceremonial enshrinement royal city Anuradhapura.
A Sapling of Sri Maha Bodhi at Buddhagaya "The Tree of Enlightenment"
Defying the Sun, rain, wind, priceless gift indescribable monument.

The Great Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi at A'pura of regal splendor
When ceremonially enshrined earth shook many a visible wonder miracles visible
According to Mahawansa thousands plunged in amazement
Now stands a compassionate Monarch bestowing solace to each, a way possible.

Sanctuary of miracles, wondrous powers in History
The shaft of radiance reminds us of Holy Wesak Day in dignity.
May you, eradicate hatred 'n enmity in Human for unity,
May you, spark Divinity in each Human to make this wish a reality.

Kumari Kumarasinghe Tennakoon




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