CEB GM warns of power cuts

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By 2017-07-27

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Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) General Manager (GM) A.K. Samarasinghe warned that there would be power cuts, if the distribution of diesel is not carried out.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, he stressed that 47 per cent of the daily power requirement of......the country as of now is being produced using diesel and if diesel is not received, supplying electricity to the entire country would prove to be a serious problem.

According to him, 73.3 per cent of the requirement of power in the country is being produced through thermal power plants and 47 per cent of that is being supplied by diesel power plants. The remaining 23.4% is being produced using coal.

Only 20% of the daily power requirement is being supplied by the hydro power stations as at present due to the lack of rain in the areas up country where the hydro power stations are located. About 5% of power is being added to the national grid through wind and solar power.

"We received fuel for our thermal power plants up to yesterday through the pipe lines. However, we did not receive fuel supplied by bowsers. If power is to be continuously supplied we have to receive fuel. If not, a severe problematic situation will be created," the GM added.

As of now, in order to fulfil the daily power requirement, from thermal power stations the CEB requires 2,500 MT of diesel and furnace oil.

These thermal power stations belong to the CEB, as well as the private sector. These are Kerawalapitiya 300MW, ASE Power Embilipitiya 100MW, Kelanitissa Gas Turbine 195MW, Kelanitissa Combined Cycle 165MW, Asia Power 50MW, Sapugaskanda 160MW, Uthuru Jananie 24MW and emergency power 60 MW.




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