China National Heavy Duty Truck

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By 2017-07-28

By Sunali Fernando

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co. Ltd aka SINOTRUK that was founded in 1956 is the cradle of China's heavy-duty truck industry. SINOTRUK manufactured China's first heavy-duty truck in 1960 marking the start of China's heavy-duty truck manufacturing era. In 2007, SINOTRUK was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a red chip company. Based in Jinan, Shandong province, it is China's largest heavy-duty manufacturing company and export base.

SINOTRUK manufactures heavy trucks, medium trucks and light trucks, buses, special purpose trucks and military trucks. Having branches in more than 10 provinces of China, it has four heavy truck manufacturing subsidiaries, three light truck manufacturing subsidiaries, six special purpose truck manufacturing subsidiaries, one bus manufacturing subsidiary, two engine manufacturing subsidiaries, two transmission subsidiaries and one axle manufacturing subsidiary.

With about 60 years of experience and knowledge, SINOTRUK has taken on the responsibility of developing the national heavy truck industry, going to the forefront as an industrial leader and leading the industry to catch up with the international first class standard. SINOTRUK is working with Steyr, Volvo and MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nurnberg) to introduce core technologies of complete vehicles and engine, transmission, axle, etc.

Through years of experience, SINOTRUK has developed prominent advantages in the market network, product, technology and quality and established a distinctive cultural concept. It aims to be one of the heavy-duty truck manufacturers with the most advanced truck technology in the world.

SINOTRUK owns four major brands namely SITRAK, HOWO, HOHAN and STR with more than 3,000 models. It offers a range of drive modes and power in the China heavy truck industry. Its heavy trucks above 9L have always remained top-sellers in the Chinese domestic market.

SINOTRUK offers its services not only to the Chinese market, but has also adhered to the demands of the international market with its "Go Global" strategy. In the beginning of 2017, SINOTRUK has received orders for over 22,000 vehicles from over 100 countries. It has reported 51% year-on-year growth and accounted for 53% of the whole country's truck export. It has partnered with multiple peer companies to build its external cooperation network.

Implementation of the national 'One Belt, One Road' initiative will bring long-term benefits to the truck and logistics industries. The Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone will give rise to important development opportunities for SINOTRUK in the international market.




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