Internet Of Things with LG

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By 2017-08-01

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By Shenali Welikala

With the Internet of thing gaining a greater importance, this year in CSE LG announced that it was launching a new business. It clearly seems as if LG is now targeting the robotic industry. This robot is a small and quite robot that will make you laugh as soon as you look at it. Hotpot plays and essential role in home IOT. It acts as an intelligent assistance controlling home appliances. It recognizes the user's voice and even takes orders. Furthermore using its sensors hotpot will provide customize solutions based on your habit and environment, (e.g. when the temperature rises the Hotpot will recommend you to turn on the air conditioning.) Hotpot manages more than just your appliances. It also gives basic information such as weather, shows your favorite videos, and can even read recipes when you are cooking. Basically hotpot will be your assistance whenever you need it. Hotpot is an in-house robot, but how about IOT outside houses?

People easily get lost at air ports and find themselves wondering around not knowing where to go. This robot will soon be in charge of guiding travelers in the Incheon international airport in South Korea. The robot named Troika was introduced in preparation for next year's winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea and that is why the robots were released in Korea's largest airport. It is sized as a young teen with a rectangular display on its front that looks like a giant smartphone screen. It can speak four languages;

Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese and can give general information about the airport. It can provide maps, gate information, flight information and even provide an escort services when the travelers insert their tickets into its scanner. The robot only moves at a steady walking pace which makes it easy for the people to follow it. It features a flat touch screen 'face' that displays blinking or smiling eyes or information and it also responds to its name. It was seen that children have been intrigued by it, which provides for the fact that the design is non-threatening. After reading all this, you may wonder whether the robots will replace human workers, but The Inchon International Airport Corporation stated that they do not expect the robots to replace human workers, but just to help, especially overnight shifts and physically demanding tasks. Kim Hyoungrock, the Chief research engineer at LG Electronics further stated that the robot can only perform a few simple tasks it had been programmed to carry out, which guarantees that humans are still supreme.

Along with the information robot, another robot will be there at the airport, it is the cleaning robot. It will be scanning and cleaning the airport to maintain cleanliness at all time. It detects the areas that requires the most frequent cleaning, stores those locations in its database and calculates the most efficient routes to get there. It seems the LG's IOT is making our lives more convenient in and outside our homes offering a better life with IOT.




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