Multi Faceted talents in one soul

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By 2017-08-11

By Darshani Abeyrathna

With her dazzling looks and charming personality, she will be noticed by everyone. Bernadine Jayasinghe who is beautiful inside out shared her views with us in order to enlighten the lives of beautiful youngsters out here. It was a great privilege for us to share her ideas in her point of view. Breaking the Glass Ceiling, now she has climbed up the social ladder. Amazingly beautiful young lady would be an inspiration to look up to for all the youngsters.Just envisioning her credentials will make us feel like we've yet to accomplish loads of things in this life.

Q: Let us know a little bit about you

A. I'm Bernadine Jayasinghe a lecturer in a leading university, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, news anchor, TV presenter, Managing Director, CEO and the list goes on. I'm person who loves to keep my feet on the ground and believe the more you achieve, the more become successful; you should be humble and supportive to others.

Q: Where does your passion come from?

A. “My passion comes from within,” I would say.

Q:  What makes you smile the most?

A.Witnessing someone's happiness and growth: Someone's smile will surely brighten up my face with a smile too.

Q: What music makes you cry?

A. Emotional / heartwarming music will never fail to make me cry.

Q: What little thing makes you the most grateful to be alive?

A. Love towards the world is the most grateful gift.

Q: What motivates you to get up and start on your hard days?

A. My motto motivates me when life gets hard; I keep on telling this to myself. “Earn to give earn to share”- Bernadine Jayasinghe. At the same time when you truly love what you do, you will get up however hard the day or the situation is. Entrepreneurship motivates me to get up and keep running too.

Q: How do you find strength when you are going through hardships?

A. I believe that your strength should be you no matter what. And it is a fact that everyone has ups and downs in life; it's all about how we face it, learn from it, experience, understand and keep moving towards the set goal. Life is an obstacle race, we need to face it with confidence and reach the final destination with an attitude of never giving up.

Q: What family member do you call when you have good news to share?

A. My mother is my strength and my pillar of success.

Q: Who inspires you to live your best life?

A. We are being blessed with one life, so inspire yourself to live your life to its fullest and be the inspiration you want to see. Start writing your own story.

Q: What are your best memories of speaking?

A. Speaking in South Korea in front of a massive audience from more than 10 countries can be taken out as one of unforgettable experiences in my life: Especially the moment where people congratulated and complimented about my speech.

Q:  What speakers make you want to give up?

A. I believe in positive thinking, therefore I grab the motivating points only, and don't focus on the negative points.

Q: How do you divide your time between delivering ideas and creating them?

A. Most of the time I put more effort and invest more time in order to create, than the time I invest to deliver: You should keep in mind that In order to deliver well you need to create it well too. I start researching, analyzing and creating them at night after work.

Q: When you have to confront someone do you choose to stand strong, or to not say anything at all?

A.I will try to understand the situation and think strategically. I will surely stand strong.

Q: What person made you believe in love?

A. My mother.

Q:  Do you believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason?

A. Yes I do, but if you work extremely hard and do the right thing always (do good) you can write your story.

Q: What makes you most proud of yourself?

A. I'm happy to say that I'm proud that no title or achievement was able to change me. I keep my feet on the ground. The more I achieve the more humble I like to be.

Q: When in a crisis, do you act calmly or do you automatically freak out?

A. Most of the time I act calmly yet it all depends according to the situation. Most of the time I believe freaking out will waste your time and lead to make a wrong decision, being calm and thinking strategically will definitely help to find the best solution

Q: What keeps you up at night?

A. Entrepreneurship dreams and love for work will always make me awake.

If there was one charity you could donate to, which would you choose?

Sponsor students for education

Q: What is the one quality you need in a significant other?

A. Trustworthiness

Q: Where do you envision yourself in five years from now?

A. You'll witness it in five years from now



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