Ratheesh – An Aspiring Musical Genius

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By 2017-08-11

By G. Gokulan

Out of millions of musical voices that echoes in harmony throughout the world very few have had the ability and even the opportunity to make its way into our hearts and remain there. In the current prevailing musical industry many struggling artists do their utmost best to emerge victorious and generate sensational music that has the ability to get a strong grip on their audience's heart. Ratheesh Seenivasagam is an up and coming artist who was born into this world with raw musical talent. We from LOOK Magazine had chat with Ratheesh.

Q: Tell us a little bit about you and your profession

A: I am Ratheesh Seenivasagam. My hometown is Hatton, where I studied from Grade 1 to 13. After finishing my 13th Grade, I shifted to Colombo with my family and have been working for a pharmaceutical company ever since. My hard work and dedication to the company has earned me the title of a senior medical marketing executive today. I have always had an interest and passion in music since I was young and have studied music for about a year during my school days. I thus decided to pursue my music interest further, venturing into projects and always trying my best to come up with something fresh and new.

Q: How long have you been into the music industry?

A: I have been in the music industry for three years. In 2014, I released my first album singles Varam, a song which centres round mother's love. I released this album in both Sinhala and Tamil. After which, I released another three singles. I also became one of a band member in Tea Kada Pasanga, a group formed by none other than the very well renowned Rapper ADK. We have completed an album consisting of two songs and are expecting the release of another four singles in time to come. Currently I have completed a single song 'Kannadi' which will be released soon as well.

Q: Tell us a little about your 'Varam' song

A: My song "Varam" is centred on the notion of "Mother's Love". The lyrics of the song "Varam" is written by none other than renowned song writer Chathura Ratnayake, award winner for 'Best Upcoming Lyricist' from TV Derana, and the song's music was composed by acclaimed composer Melvin Miranda. The reason why I did this song is firstly because I wanted to give a tribute to the most lovely person in my life, my mother, and secondly because I strongly believed that this song has a good potential in garnering a mass audience as the notion of "mother" in itself, is deeply rooted in the hearts of everyone. I have also done a Sinhala version of this song titled "Wenasak Nopenwa".

Q: What is the interesting part in your music journey?

A: I used to work in a hospital before and I usually casually sing during my work in order to feel relaxed. There was once where I got too carried away and started singing so loudly that it got a doctor's attention. He teased me asking if I was having a fever and all of my friends behind me laughed and later told me, "Ratheesh you sang too loudly".

Q: Did you face any negative situation in this industry?

A: To be honest, I have encountered more negative than positive situations in this industry. For example, there were a lot of unexpected delays in my projects and I was unable to release my albums as per my expected time frame. Also, many of my songs which I expect would receive a better outcome do not at times. Nevertheless, I am still working hard and trying to stay focused and positive

Q: Tell me if it is hard or easy to survive in this industry.

A: I would say that it is a challenge surviving in this industry. For a start, the language reach has been a great setback for me. In Sri Lanka, due to the majority population being Sinhalese, very few people listen to Tamil songs in contrast to Sinhala songs. I therefore have to work multiple folds harder in order for my song to be a great success. However, I am still persevering and hoping to make that great breakthrough with my hard work and dedication.

Q: Tell me about this generation music culture.

A: Previously in the older generation, slow melodies were the trend. Now, with the current generation, music has become more upbeat and club mixes and techno music are becoming more common. Also, the folk songs are having faster beats and raps are also being incorporated often in songs. There is a lot more fusion introduced in the current generation music, for example, western-classical, country-rap.

Q: What inspired you to enter to the music industry?

A: I have always been a great fan of A.R. Rahman since I was young. However, I got the inspiration to enter the music industry when people started giving me positive feedback about my singing talent. It was then that I realized that I had something special which I would love to showcase to the rest of the world and I thus decided to give it a shot.

Q: Tell me about your future plans and what have you done till now

A: I am planning to release two singles in Hindi in the future to come and I have also engaging in other external projects which I will give more information about when it is ready.

Q: How did you get the support from other artiste and people?

A: Most of my support comes from the public and my family. Through social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a lot of people have encouraged me by giving me well wishes and encouragement in pertinence to my singing. There are also a lot of people who give me constructive feedback about my singing which I take seriously and work upon in order to improve myself. My family has also been a great support for me by accommodating to me during my practising sessions. They are also very encouraging and honest and would provide me with their frank opinions about my singing in order for me to work on myself.

Q: What advice would you like to give to future upcoming young talents?

A: I would advise them to try to come up with as much innovative ideas as they can when it comes to the music industry as the expectations of people these days have increased. In order to grab their attention, you really need to come up with something different that will help you outshine the rest. Also, do not give up on your dreams no matter how much discouragement and negative ordeals you may encounter. Keep chasing your dream, keeping in mind that your hard work will surely pay off someday.




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