The battle of the size

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By 2017-08-12

BY Natasha Siribaddana

The fashion industry is facing backlashes in a daily basis. First, the use of very unhealthily skinny models became a bad example for the future generations. Then recently the use of plus size models have been called off as glorifying obesity.

The extremely thin models are banned from some of the fashion runaways. The plus size models are not been used much in popular fashion shows either.

Some models starve to reach the requirement of the agent or the company. Honestly some models can be used as perfect examples to teach human anatomy. That much they are malnourished. Continuous starvation causes food disorders. Ultimately they cause damage to the whole body and get diagnosed for anorexia. Anorexia causes more severe complication like anemia etc.

Such companies should be banned for treating these models like objects. To recover from these disorders takes considerably a very long period.

Body shaming is a heated topic these days and many are bullied for being extremely thin or extremely obese. Even the most famous celebrities and public figures have experienced some level of body shaming.

Bulling starts at a very young age to some individuals and it physically and mentally scar them. But this should not mean that we or anyone have to accept their unhealthy body. This issue should be address by helping the people to become healthy. Parents should not advice the child to eat to be thin or fat; they should advice them to keep the body clean and healthy. There are food disorders that need medical attention.

A recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit catwalk show featured models of diverse body types, including plus-sized models. Some of the audience was moved to tears after seeing some of the models representing themselves. It was a touchy moment for everyone.

If these companies send very overweight or obese people down the catwalk modeling clothes, what it is saying, in a way, is that we are celebrating obesity. It is a dangerous health condition.

There should be a strict requirement in modeling agency not to in take any models underweight or overweight for the Body Mass Index (BMI). Modeling should not be used as a media to stop body shaming. It should be used as to spread healthy lifestyles for the young generations.

Modeling is a challenging field and these models work so hard to keep their beauty and confidence way up. Though modeling is seen as an easy job, it's actually really hectic. There is so much competition between these models to become perfect than the other.

Not everyone can be GiGi Hadid or Kendall Jenner; we don't even know whether they are underweight or not. Last year (2016), GiGi was called out by Tommy Hilfiger that she is not thin enough for the runway that's why she was covered with clothes to show less skin. After that statement she went on a diet to fit in to the runway. If GiGi was not thin enough, we should update of the definition of thin. To our eyes she was already thin enough to become a stunning healthy model.

The models who are working to Victoria secret should go on a strict diet and training months before the annual fashion show. The models work for these famous companies are trained so hard in the gym. But no one can believe these, judging from how thin they look. They have to work out number of hours per day and eat healthy as much as they can. They are constantly been monitored because these big companies have a responsibility to sell their products using these gorgeous models. If these models don't look very appealing and healthy it's a down fall to the company.

This only happens in considerably small amount in the fashion world. This system was initiated recently to check if the models fit in the runaway.

The use of plus size models as well as extremely skinny ones are now been labeled as spreading unhealthy trends to the world.

This is truly a huge change in the fashion industry. This message carries positivity towards children. The children who grow up wanting to be a model now knows that it's not how thin or chubby you look. To be a professional model the overall health also matters.



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