Slashing of Samurdhi benefits Officials to protest

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By 2017-08-12

by Ariyaratne Ganegoda

A protest campaign will be staged soon against the slashing of Samurdhi relief and depriving the official pension scheme that was provided by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Secretary to the All Ceylon Samurdhi Development and Agricultural Research Products Assistant Officers Association (ACSDARPAOA) and representatives from the Western Provincial Council (WPC) announced this at a press conference yesterday.

"When the present government came into power, they assured many promises to the Samurdhi scheme.

Among the promises were, raising the standards of service conditions, increasing facilities and supporting the project where relief for Samurdhi beneficiaries would be 100 per cent. "These promises that were given prior to the election have turned out to be a white elephant", officials said. They stressed that several protests against this issue was staged in many districts in the country but the problem remains the same. They added that there are 5,002 Samurdhi beneficiaries in Angunukolapelessa and that some 2,500 persons have been struck off the list. "It is due to such treatment meted out to the poor that they plan to protest," they noted.

"The Samurdhi officials have been deprived of the pension which was granted through the establishment of the Divineguma Department during the former regime and that came to an end due to controversial issues.

But the government, instead of providing solutions to many of the problems have even deprived officials of their pension," they added.



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