Two lunar eclipses in August

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By 2017-08-13

By Dr. Piyasena Ratuwithana

A lunar eclipse took place on August 07 in the house of Capricorn and another one is expected on 17 August in the house of Pisces. Both these eclipses cannot be considered auspicious for the country or for the world; especially the rulers in the country as well as the world may undergo the malefic effects of the eclipse.

The periods in which a lunar eclipse took place in the past seemed inauspicious; and there had been traumatic incidents during the period. Mahatma Gandhi who was the leader of the Indian Independence Movement was assassinated in a period when a lunar eclipse took place. In addition ex-US President John Kennedy was assassinated during a period in which a lunar eclipse occurred.

The two week period after the lunar eclipses might be inauspicious to a popular political leader or to a social leader. Such leaders had better not participate in public rallies in the period. During the period in which a lunar eclipse occurs, it is said that debilitated Rahu should not be conjunct with Mars in a watery house such as Cancer. In such situations, drought and water pollution could be expected. Therefore, the period ahead might be challenging to people.

It is also better to be cautious about the health of the children who are born during the period. Epidemic diseases such as dengue might be on the rise again under aforementioned lunar eclipse. Moon is known to be the ruling planet of mind; therefore, a lunar eclipse might enforce a person to make inadvisable decisions. Illogical and silly decisions made by certain individuals during the period might result in crimes. There will be another lunar eclipse on 17 September. In addition, five solar eclipses will take place in 2018 and one solar eclipse will occur in 2019.



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