Undergoing an Erashtaka period ?

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By 2017-08-13

By Prasadini Narmadha

People worry about 'Erashtaka' periods as these periods are believed to be bringing negative consequences. Therefore, the prospect of undergoing an Erashtaka may create panic in certain individuals to some extent. In accordance with astrological principles, it is believed that an Erashtaka period might result in psychological unrest, illnesses, imprisonment and many other problems. Therefore, there is a notion in society that one who is under the effects of an Erashtaka period should be cautious; but if I say the period in which someone is under the influence of Saturn Erashtaka is going to be fruitful, perhaps you might not count on my words.

A person who is affected by an Erashtaka period might have to make certain adjustments due to unexpected changes brought by the effects of the Erashtaka. Inimical effects, obstacles at workplace and issues related to day to day life could be expected during Erashtaka period; individuals tend to get their horoscopes checked when the situation is such. They are often instructed to be engaged in meritorious deeds so as to minimize the effect brought by the Erashtaka period.

As described in Astrology, a malefic period refers to a passage in life in which a person has to experience the negative effects of negative deeds committed in previous births. Thus, one needs to be engaged in positive deeds to nullify the negative consequences.

The wise ones who realize the importance of being meritorious during the period perform religious and ritualistic acts whereas others become passive victims of malefic periods due to their unawareness. Financial drawbacks, marital issues, motor traffic accidents and job-related problems might be experienced by the person. Every person in the world is supposed to undergo different types of Erashtaka periods such as Lagna Erashtaka, Janma Erashtaka, Lagna Ashtama Erashtaka and Chandra Ashtama Erashtaka.

Lagna and Janma Erashtaka last for 7. 5 years whereas Ashtama Erashtaka lasts for 2.5 years. Saturn is known as the slowest planet in the zodiac in terms of movement; thus, it takes 2. 5 years to move from one house to another. Saturn takes 30 years to rotate through all the zodiac signs. Children might be susceptible to different illnesses when they happen to undergo the effects of Erashtakas during childhood. Children might become rather lazy during the period and get distracted from studies. In addition, they could become obstinate.

Those who are employed might have to face job-related issues including false accusations, deduction in salary, unexpected transfers and suspension. On the other hand, problems related to marital life could also be expected.

An Erashtaka period might bring financial obstacles to one's life; therefore, one had better not to go for mega investments in this period. Some, who make such investments without being concerned about this, might have to experience major financial issues. One had better not to go for debts during the period.

Middle aged who are undergoing Erashtaka period ought to be concerned about their health. They need to follow a healthy lifestyle by abstaining from poor health habits. Consuming vegetarian foods might keep a person healthy and it is better not to consume instant food. One should be aware of the positive aspects of Astrology from childhood. Then, they will know as to how they should behave and what types of religious acts need to be performed to overcome the malefic effects of malefic planets. They will get to know how important it is to be religious in overcoming the malefic effects. Others who are not engaged in meritorious deeds during malefic periods might have to experience negative consequences. Therefore, the effects of malefic periods might vary, based on the manner in which you behave. If you are engaged in good deeds, negative effects of malefic planets could be subdued to a certain extent.



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