Gemstones empower aura

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By 2017-08-13

By Bisara Chanakya Manage

Educational drawbacks, financial difficulties or delay in marriage caused by malefic planets could be minimized and the power of auspicious planets enhanced by wearing gemstones. The power of sub-sub lord of the inauspicious planet in a horoscope, minimized through appropriate gemstones will bring positive consequences to a person according to the Krishnamurthi system. It is said that gemstones have the power to cure illnesses such as diabetes, migraine, gastritis, stress and cardiac illnesses. Therefore an expert who is well versed in both astrology and gemology needs to be consulted in order to gain the exact benefits of the gemstones.

Human potentials, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses are said to be strongly governed by the seven Chakras of the human body; and the skills of a person will be diminished when the relevant Chakra becomes deactivated. Root, Spleen, Solar Plexus, Heart, throat, Third Eye and Crown are known as the seven Chakras in the human body. Those Chakras could be energized by wearing gemstones that will enhance a person's intelligence, memory, self-confidence, determination, interest and dignity. Gemstones are used as therapeutic objects for students who have poor memory. Gemstones should not be worn haphazardly as the finger on which the gemstone is worn also becomes important. A person's aura is energized by the natural frequency of the gemstone; thus the power of gemstones will be wasted unnecessarily if the gemstone is worn on the wrong finger. In the meantime, one should be wise enough to pick the correct gemstone as per the instructions of an expert in the field because negative consequences are expected when the person wears the wrong gemstone.



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