Old Acts delaying vital agri reforms

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By 2017-08-13

By Kamal Kandewatta

Some of the current legislation governing agriculture sector are creating constraints for its development, lamented the Minister of Plantation Industries.
Minister of Plantation Industries Navin Dissanayake made these remarks, addressing the inauguration ceremony of the CRT Trade Fare-2017 held at BMICH.

The minister stressed that certain policies need to change, if agriculture is to take a long march forward. "Times have changed, we need to open up to the competition and move forward with the world rather than moving backward.
"To meet modern conditions and uphold domestic agriculture in the global market, we have to leave behind the island mentality."
Thinking differently and getting the latest technology is key to put ourselves in a better position in the international arena, asserted Minister Dissanayake.

According to the minister, unlike in the past, the international demand for agricultural goods has changed, what we want is not the raw material exports but value added exports. Minister Dissanayake said, "Even though raw rubber production has gone down, rubber is still the second best agricultural export in the country because rubber exporters export more value added products".



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