Can’t be satisfied with the way first class cricket is – Vaas

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By 2017-08-13

By Anjana Kaluarachchi

CT Sports: SL fast bowling coach Chaminda Vaas urged that SLC should prepare seam friendly pitches for uplifting the game when it comes to first class tournaments which as of now are dominated by spinners.

First class tournaments are being played in local club grounds where many consists of dusty spinning tracks rather than pace friendly wickets ones where fast bowlers play little or no part in most of the matches while spinners operate even from the first over of the match .

"That's true. We can't be satisfied with the way first class cricket is. We need to make first-class cricket work for fast bowlers. We talk a lot about what ails first class cricket, but no matter how much we talk, the issue hasn't moved forward. If we want to develop our cricket and increase the number of fast bowlers we have – if we want to do justice to our cricket – we need to make pitches that are suited to fast bowlers. If we do that I trust that our bowlers would be better off than they are now.

Vaas also said that all-rounders' who do not bowl later in their career is a problem for the team.

We need to find some answers for that. We have some bowling all-rounders. What happened was when the bowling all-rounders become batsmen, we expect them to bat in the middle without bowling. We need to groom them as all-rounders.

Former paceman also said they were to play three seamers but everything changed at eleventh hour.

"We were thinking of going for three seamers, but in the end everything changed. They wanted to go with three spinners. Whatever decision is taken by the management we have to stick by it and do the right thing. We need to produce results in the middle." said Vaas.

Vaas applauded Sri Lanka's bowling effort in the last two sessions to hit back at India with six wickets even though he said he is not too pleased about the first session and how pacemen operated during that period.

They need to play more (Lahiru Kumara and Vishwa Fernando), I think. If you take our first-class cricket, they don't have enough first-class experience to play well. If you take quicks from any country, they start bowling well after they have played 20-25 Tests only. We can't suddenly expect a lot from Vishwa and Lahiru Kumara. But it's with their mindset that they can improve. They need to practice a lot and play a lot of games. With that match experience only they will develop.

Vaas is also someone who did not have major injury except for one occasion in his long career and said we have to treat fast bowlers separately depending on their body type and work load to manage them without injuries.



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