Dengue threat at Lake Drive Rajagiriya Authorities ignore plea

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By 2017-08-13

In spite of several appeals to the authorities to look into the haphazard road construction work at Lake Drive Rajagiriya, no action has been taken which has resulted in a recent dengue-related death and continues to cause severe inconvenience and health hazards to the residents. Road construction work at this highly residential location began over two years ago with heavy machinery being used for the process which damaged the existing road. Holes dug up were not properly filled back making it dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians, especially at night. Moreover, rainwater collects in these holes making it a breeding place for mosquitoes and causing a potential threat of dengue to the residents.

Rocks disposed along the side of the road have not been placed in a secure manner with the threat of the coming loose and causing damage to resident's vehicles and property. No one knows who is handling the road construction work which is being carried out in a very lethargic manner and most of the time the workers are seen lazing around or sleeping and chatting to each other and barely any progress are evident. Inspectors from the authorities warn the residents regularly on taking measures to prevent dengue and threaten to fine them if they fail to comply. However, no action is taken against the ugly mess caused by the road construction workers.

It is high time that someone in authority investigates this matter and finds a solution to the problem faced by the residents of Lake Drive Rajagiriya which has been a burning issue for well over two years.



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