IoT for a good night’s sleep

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By 2017-08-15

By Shenali Welikala

With Internet of Things and the current technological development the core values of our human life has been transferred to the control of machines. The only thing that was safe from IoT was our mental control and now technology has finally taken control over it, too. How about technology controlling your sleep, dreams and your mental status? Here is such a device. This device is human friendly and doubtlessly positive to human wellbeing.

Sleep accounts for a third of our lives yet we take sleeping for granted. Neuroon is an open source wearable EEG mask that measures your sleep, helps you adjust your bedroom conditions and supports you with smart meditation and lucid dreaming induction.

The key features of Neuroon Open are the advanced sleep measurement based on EEG (brain activity), A/B testing of your sleep, smart wake up and naps, audio guided meditation sessions, lucid dreaming induction, smart home integration that you can also programme on your own.

The device is controlled by the Neuroon App which will optimize the use of the device.

Over 10,000 devices of Neuroon has been sold all around the world. When you purchase the product you will receive a mask, the adjustable band, a smart pack which contains the electronic circuit of the device, the charging cord and last but not the least the user manual.

How is the real time sleep tracking done? First the sensors in the device gathers your sleeping data during your sleep, then  the artificial intelligence algorithms analyse these data, then the results will instantly appear on the Neuroon App and finally by following these data one can improve their sleeping patterns.

What information do these sensors gather? They gather brainwaves, the heart rate, the oxygen saturation, changes in your skin temperature and the movements you make during sleep.

The neuron app acts as a remote controller for the device which is both created for android and IOS. Apart from the above mentioned devices available with the package there is also a Neuroon open head phone which is a great addition to the Neuroon Open. It basically cancels all noises and these headphones will support you while meditation, allowing you to have audio sessions for lucid dreaming induction and finally to get some peace and quiet when needed. The neuron headset can be used via Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable.

There are buttons where you can answer your calls as well as some buttons to switch between songs.

This can be an ideal product to all you techy people out there and for those who like to optimize their correct sleeping patterns. Purchase one and experience the beauty of IoT in your sleep. 




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