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By 2017-08-16

Ahimsaka, bright student of utmost intelligence
Gained knowledge under guru in obedience
His faith in guru grew ever so high,
Amidst ample comforts never a sigh

Fellow students ran amok in sheer jealousy
Misled guru to strain his brain old apathy
Bitterly excited guru believed allegations,
Launched a plan, a dreadful inclination.

Ahimsaka the innocent lad had to bring
Thousand human fingers in a long string
To fulfil his master's pooja dire obligation
Ahimsaka became a terrorist to achieve destination.

Hunted by King to end massacre wrathful
Drenched in blood, yet one finger more to be faithful
"I must save my son" his mother rose with a will
To complete required fingers before kinsmen would kill.

With Divine Ray Gautama Buddha saved his mother
Ahimsaka now notorious Angulimala missed target so bothered
Gautama Buddha appeared solemnly to preach
Though Angulimala gave wild chase couldn't reach

Threw away his blood stained sword at Gautama's consoling words
Angulimala had merits to realize Truth of sacred words.
Gautama cleared his way with great compassion
Ordained a disciple as he wished for loving kindness

Kumari Kumarasinghe Tennakoon




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