Shadow planets transit new Houses

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By 2017-08-20

By Jayantha Ekanayake

The period ahead will be astrologically important since a number of planetary transits are on the cards. Amongst, the most crucial planetary transit in the year, is the transit of shadow planets that took place recently; it has captured the attention of many including astrologers as well as Astrology enthusiasts. Rahu and Kethu are considered shadow planets; but still they are known to be highly influential towards human beings. Rahu transited Cancer which is its inimical house whereas Kethu transited the house of Capricorn. Both planets will remain in Cancer and Capricorn until March 07 2019.

Rahu is symbolically illustrated in Vedic astrology as a combination of snake head and a human body; and it is considered a shadow planet that brings either auspicious or inauspicious consequences. Those who have been born under Cancer are facing a challenging period ahead with the advent of Rahu into the house of Cancer. Others who have been born under the 2nd Pada of Pusha and Aslisa are going through the same malefic period. Irrespective of the zodiac sign that someone belongs to, persons born under aforementioned asterisms seem to be on the verge of a hammering period since Moon the ruling planet of the psychic life of human beings is conjunct with Rahu. Psychological imbalances are to be experienced by the ones undergoing major or interim periods of Mars, Saturn or Rahu. They could be driven by unwholesome thoughts; thus, their behaviour may be ruled by enmity and hatred. Therefore, control over thoughts and behaviour ought to be maintained. Let us consider as to how the transit of Rahu may affect zodiac signs.


Day to day expenditure of Leos will be on the rise and they may get entangled in legal matters during the period. Period ahead seems auspicious for foreign tours.


Lower financial growth would no longer remain due to the transit of Rahu; and period ahead might be satisfactory in terms of financial gains.


Work place stress as well as work related issues might have to be expected; in the meantime, transfers could also be anticipated as Rahu is currently posited in the 10th house.


Rahu posited in the 10th might bring malefic effects on Scorpios.


Though unexpected monetary gains might come your way, sudden accidents and traumatic events might trouble you.


Break ups, marital conflicts and frustrations might have to be expected.


You will be unshaken though inimical influences might keep bothering you. You will be courageous in handling enemies since Rahu is located in the 6th.


Students ought to move ahead with a sense of determination as there might be obstacles ahead. Parents might get busy with sorting out issues of their children. Lovers need to be cautious as obstacles may affect their relationship.


Property related issues as well as psychological conflicts could be expected as Rahu is located in the 4th.


Period seems favourable to you since Rahu is placed in the 3rd. Fame and popularity will follow you; but the period might not be

healthy for your siblings.


Expenses might be on the rise though unexpected monetary gains might favour you. Conflicts with close ones couldbe expected.

Ritualistic practices to overcome malefic effects

Offering flowers known as 'Wetakeiya' (screwpine) to the triple gem and performing 'Bodhi-pooja'or planting a 'Wetakeiya' plant in the garden might help overcome the negative defects. Rescuing and saving the lives of other creatures will also be beneficial. Wearing a hessonite embedded ring or 'Nagarjun' talisman energized thousand times would also free you from malefic effects.



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