Mother and son die in electrocution horror

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By 2017-08-21

By Bandara Mudiyanse – Polonnaruwa

The parents of students belonging to the Lankapura Maha Vidyalaya in Polonnaruwa offered a lunch to the grade 5 students and the teacher who dedicated his time to prepare the pupils for the grade 5 Scholarship Examination on 16th August, the last day of the classes.

The lunch was being prepared in a house situated close to a canal the Pulasthipura Police Station. In the morning, around 10:00 a.m. parents met in this house to prepare the lunch. Thirty five-year-old Gayani Damayanthi of Bauddharthagama, Thalpotha was also with them. She was also the mother of brilliant grade 5 student Amaya Sathsarani Samarakoon.

She was with her son, seven-year-old S.M. K.G. Daham Nethsara, a grade one student of the same school. Her husband S.M.K.G. Rohitha Samarakoon (37) had gone to the paddy field on that particular day.

Few other children were playing in the compound of the house and little Daham too joined them. Their mothers were busy cooking in the kitchen. They were talking about their children while going about their chores. All of them were somewhat sorry about their siblings who had been under stress over the past several days due to the pressure of the oncoming examination.

Gayani kept a constant check on what her son was doing and she was happy because the kid was playing with the others.

Suddenly, the children screamed and all the mothers ran out of the house to see what was happening. The kids had stopped playing.

Gayani's son was not to be seen. He had fallen under a teak tree.

Gayani ran to him and tried to pick him but she too fell on the ground trembling. The other women screamed in fear. No one dared to approach the fallen mother and child. Another woman who later tried to help Gayani was also electrocuted.

One woman ran to the road to seek help and the officers of Pulasthipura Police Station rushed to the scene. As one Women Police Constable moved the wire away with a coconut frond, the OIC of the Police Station Inspector (IP) Vipula Bandara approached the child whose body had turned blue.

The injured child and his mother were rushed to the hospital in a trishaw that belonged to the Police Station.

The OIC alerted the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) who later arrived on to the scene.

"The electric wire from the main line to the house had been corroded and was entangled to another wire tethered to a nearby coconut tree and this had caused an electric shortage," IP Bandara said.

The unfortunate and untimely death of a mother and her sibling has left behind a distraught and shocked father and daughter.

The daughter was to sit for the grade 5 Scholarship Examination that was scheduled for yesterday. Can her father appease her mind?




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