Conquering Ella

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By 2017-08-24

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By Dishna Dharmarathne

The Ravana Ella which you come across when you travel six kilometres from the City of Ella is 25 metres in height. Folklore says that King Ravana hid Princess Seetha in a cave behind the waterfall. Ella which is a small town located in the south of the hill country is better known among foreigners than local tourists. This city has been named Ella because of the well known waterfall or ella named after Ravana. Due to the wonderful climate, the demand by tourists for this area increases gradually.

Tourists who like to go hiking in Ella as well as those who enjoy the attraction of the green valley of Badulla have several places for accommodation. There are places that provide accommodation in and around Ella at costs you can afford and there are enough and more restaurants which provide food and drink, also at affordable prices.

Road to Ella

We began our trip after viewing the Ella Rock. When you walk back towards Colombo on the Ella Rail Track for about 600 metres and when you tackle the Black Bridge and move some distance forward you have to turn left at the Bo Tree you come across on your left. When you travel a distance of about two kilometres on a footpath you can reach the summit of the Ella Rock. If you do not turn off at this Bo tree and keep walking straight ahead for a short distance you come across the Kithul Ella Railway Station. Passing the station you can use the road to the left to reach the summit of Ella Mountain too.

On this journey we were able to enjoy the beauty of the Ella Gap. There is no harm, I believe in saying that this is one of the most beautiful sceneries in all of Sri Lanka. To climb up the Ella Rock and return, it takes about 3-4 hours. Wearing slippers on this journey could prove to be an inconvenience to you.

Returning to the City of Ella, our next destination was the 'Ravana Cave.' When you travel down about half a kilometre from the City of Ella on the Wellawaya Road, you have to turn right at the small bridge you come across. When you travel about 200 metres further you come to the Dowa Temple. From there you have to travel on foot for about 100 metres, you can reach the 'Ravana Cave.' In folklore it is said that King Ravana hid Princess Seetha in this cave and it is said that from the cave to the Ravana Waterfall there is a tunnel as well.

After viewing the Ravana Cave, we climbed down towards Wellawaya to enjoy the Ravana Waterfall which is located at the edge of the Wellawaya-Ella Road. This ella or waterfall is about six kilometres from the town of Ella and is 25 metres in height.

The next day we prepared to climb 'Punchi Sripada.' When you travel two kilometres from Ella on the Namunukula Road, and you continue on the road to the right of the Flower Garden Hotel Road, about another kilometre, you can reach the summit of 'Punchi Siripada' or 'Small Adam's Peak.' This path is through a very attractive tea plantation.

The scenery from the summit of 'Punchi Siripada' is a view that a person should see at least once in their lifetime. Especially because the sunrise is very clearly visible to this point, it is really wonderful if you can make it to the summit before dawn. Similarly the setting of the sun too is very beautifully visible from the summit of this hill.

If you intend to spend a few days in the City of Ella, there are several places of attraction that you can visit, a short distance away.

Among these, the Haputale Adisham Bungalow, Lipton Seat, Demodara Bridge, Bogoda Bridge and the Hoonagala Estate are of special significance.




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