A vibrant life

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By 2017-09-10

Devotees flock to Katharagama for many a religious need. Be it the Katharagama Devalaya which is a place for vows and wishes or one of the Solosmasthana, Kiri Vehera for a pilgrimage. Along the roadside to any of these places of worship, you can find little shops selling fruits, lamps and flowers for sale.

Without these stalls devotees would have quite a hard time bringing their offerings from all parts of the country. While the youth of the cities strive towards job security and earning five or more digit salaries per month, there are youth who have decided to take up these stalls as well. Be it the family business they're continuing or it being the best job opportunity that suited their life, those who continue to sell offerings to devotees are offering a service to hundreds of devotees all year round.

Stalls situated close to Kiri Vehera mostly sell flowers, lamps and incense sticks devotees can offer at the temple. This is where our photographer met Shanika Lakmalida Silva, a young girl in her early twenties selling vibrant flowers. Earning an honest living, Shanika and all those who sell flowers around her work tirelessly every day to make sure devotees have the offerings they need. The next time you visit Katharagama, treat the youth who man these stalls with at least a smile or a kind word. Had they chosen to ignore this profession for something else, then the vibrancy of Katharagama is sure to dim in the future.



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