Sri Lankan Awarded Highest Us Defence Security Accolade

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By 2017-09-10

A Sri Lankan Associate Professor of Information Technology employed in the United States, has been bestowed the highest academic honour in the arena of Defence, Security and Intelligence and becomes the first and only Sri Lankan to achieve this landmark.
The accolade was presented to him on
April 8, 2017.

Samanga Amarasinghe, (40) currently Adjunct Associate Professor of Information Technology of the Bellevue University, Nebraska, USA and a distinguished alumnus of Trinity College, Kandy was elected as an honoured member of the much coveted Order of the Sword and Shield International Honours Society on April 8.

The motto of his work has been Ex Scientia Pax - "Out of knowledge comes peace."
"It is not who I am today, but it is all about what I give back through what I have accomplished," a jubilant Amarasinghe told Ceylon Today recently.

The Order of the Sword and the Shield is the first and only academic and professional Honour Society dedicated exclusively to homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and all protective security disciplines. The mission of the Society is to promote critical thinking, high scholarship and professional development; to further enhance the ethical standards of the protective security professions; and to cultivate a high order of personal living.

Amarasinghe also said that it was the two publications he wrote that won him the highest US accolade.
His two publications are: Independence to Freedom (Published in 2011) and American National Security and Foreign Policy from an International Perspective (Published in 2016).

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Military History (2002 – 2010) of Bellevue University and is a Deans Scholar Student and a Master of Arts in Political Leadership (2010-2012) of Bellevue University having graduated with Honours.
He is now reading for his PhD in Public Policy Administration and Terrorism Mediation and Peace at the Walden University, Minnesota USA.

Contradicted and corrected - Obama's immigration policy
One of the major career landmarks that Amarasinghe has achieved in his life is that he has even contradicted former US President Barack Obama's Immigration Policy.
"President Obama never admitted that he was wrong but he made the requisite amendments of the regulations to it," chuckled Amarasinghe.

What Amarasinghe had effectively told the former US President was that legal immigrants and illegal immigrants were separate and not to mix the two. He also told Obama not to legalize illegal immigrants.

Explaining the issue, Amarasinghe said: "The issue of migration has been a modern debate in American public agenda. Each US President from John F. Kennedy onwards has successively attempted various solutions in addressing this issue. In addressing migration, the American agenda is concerned about illegal emigrants that come to the US through illegal means such as crossing the border from Mexico or arriving by boat from Cuba and settling in the US without proper legal documentations that make them legal." According to Amarasinghe, unlike in the South East the US operates primarily with the individuals' Social Security number - a number given when legally entering the nation. Whether it may be to attend a school, open a bank account, start a mortgage for a house or to obtain a driver's license this number plays a vital role. The advantage of this social security number comes when one is past the age of 65. Having contributed to the programme earlier it provides the elderly with a means of income in accordance with what they put in.
Amarasinghe went on "Additionally under health and human services the US provided various programmes using the Social Security system for its populous going through a tough time having trouble financially in providing for their families. These programmess maintained by the Federal and State governments provided a family in need with ample financial and/or food incentives to hold on until they are able to come out of the crisis they are in. Now, according to the emigration issue most of the illegal emigrants who come to the US come with no trade or literary qualifications; some even do not speak nor can they read or write in English."

Thus these illegal emigrants heavily forge documents such as Social Security cards and obtain fake driver's licenses to sustain themselves in the nation as they have no other means of doing so without trade or academic qualifications. It is with this segment that the issue of illegal emigration becomes an issue to be addressed in every presidential election. President Obama, coming to power on January 20th 2009 as the 44th President of the US, being elected through a large minority vote, as part of his agenda wanted to implement an emigration policy where it would allow these illegal emigrants to be legalized.

"While many democrats agreed with the issue, myself once having been a legal immigrant, I knew clearly what it would mean for the nation's poli-socio-economic balance if this plan was deployed as it was. Thus, I having done some research and having uprooted the existing five methods of arriving in the US legally realized some methods such as the Green Card Lottery to be a easy way of getting through with minimum technology and knowledge since all it takes is a picture from a smart phone and a short application. Then considering all the information and adding my experience as a legal immigrant who climbed the ladder in becoming a professor as well as having achieved resident status of the US, I started a campaign with the Republicans to veto the Bill proposed by President Obama."

Amarasinghe explained further, "To start I sent a letter explaining all the pros and cons of his agenda.
To my surprise in the first note he replied and then establishing a relationship with the First Person of the US I was able to add some additional clauses and quotes to filter who came to the US and how to really track them and keep from causing mischief."
"While the Bill was eventually turned down despite President Obama's best efforts like his efforts to introduce the Obama Care Health Bill, the attempt was worthwhile to make sure the checks and balances of the American system still stood strong," Amarasinghe remarked.



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