Wholesome thoughts nullify malefic effects

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By 2017-09-10

By Priyangani Hettiarachchi

We have often witnessed how people become frustrated when they are under malefic periods. They frequently worry about the possible consequences that may be brought forth by malefic periods.

Let us consider whether there is a practical way to buffer the negative outcomes produced by malefic planets rather than feeling disturbed.

The first step is to cleanse your body since the pleasantness of body has a huge impact on human mind. Unwholesome thoughts that manipulate your behaviour should be abandoned. You should never allow your unwholesome thoughts to amplify. It is useless to spend money on charity if your heart is full of enmity. Loving kindness needs to be spread towards all beings including humans as well as non-humans. One might not reach success overnight; and perhaps success is achieved with the help of others. You should not forget the people behind your success. People who never show gratitude towards those who have uplifted them will have to pay the penalty before their demise. You can see the beauty of the world as you have been bestowed with good eyesight; thus, you should never frown or stare at others. People born on earth are supposed to undergo malefic effects; but you could nullify the effects to a certain extent if you are frankly engaged in meritorious deeds. Mind is the forerunner of behaviour;

thus wholesome thoughts need to be cultivated before they are acted out. There might be persons whom you dislike associating with; on such occasions, it is better to avoid them without making unnecessary confrontation. Unwholesome thoughts will drag you into trouble. Exalted Sun and Mars might motivate you to feel superior; but you need to control your thoughts. You had better frankly help people in need. Death is inevitable and you will come across death at any time in your life. Therefore, you need to spare the memories of good deeds that the others could cherish. That should be the ultimate purpose of life. To nullify the negative outcomes of malefic planets, one should cultivate wholesome thoughts.



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