Jupiter transits Libra after 12 years

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By 2017-09-10

By Jayantha Ekanayake

Jupiter is known to be an auspicious planet which brings power, fame and popularity to a native. One is believed to be stepping forward with great fortune if he or she is under the auspicious aspect of Jupiter.

Sun is known as the most powerful planet that exerts energy, whereas Jupiter becomes second only to the Sun in terms of its power to exert energy. The advent of Jupiter into the House of Moon in its usual movement is known as 'Karma Guru' in astrology. Each and every person is supposed to undergo the effects produced by 'Karma Guru' after every 12 years.

Jupiter –Moon combination brings auspicious consequences when they are posited together since birth, whereas its outcomes tend to be negative when Jupiter and Moon are conjunct through natural movement. Moon posited in one of 3rd, 6th, 7th ,8th and the 12th Houses combined with Jupiter might bring negative outcomes to a person. Jupiter currently posited in the House of Virgo is to enter its inimical House Libra on September 12. Transit of Jupiter doesn't seem auspicious for Pisceans since Jupiter enters the 8th House which is known as the House of mortality. Pisceans and others born under the 3rd or the 4th Pada of 'Sitha' asterisms or the others born under the 1st, 2nd or the 3rd Pada of ' Sa' or ' Visa' asterisms might be hammered due to the transit of Jupiter. A difficult period which brings psychological as well as physical issues may be ahead of them. Domestic issues, break ups and legal issues might be expected. Those who have been under the influence of malefic Jupiter need to be cautious until October 10 2018. They ought to be vigilant and attentive during the period as the period ahead will be politically troublesome.



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