Delineating the shadow planets – Part 3

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By 2017-09-10

By Vishwamitra

Rahu in the 3rd House is normally powerful and he would give courage, enthusiasm and a heroic disposition. The native would be bold, wealthy and adventurous. He would have few brothers or his younger brother would die early. Rahu in the 3rd House gets the power to nullify malefic influences.

It is unfavourable for the spouse if either Saturn or Mars is placed in the 11th when Rahu is in the 3rd House. However, the malefic effect would not be effective if Saturn or Mars in the 11th is Swakshetra or exalted. A person born with Rahu in the 3rd House would be a great humanist who would make any sacrifice for the wellbeing of fellow human beings. This means Rahu in the 3rd House gets endowed with divine qualities. The native would dedicate himself to the service of fellow beings without being mindful of any injustice he himself suffers. Among the famous personalities in the history of human civilization born with Rahu in the 3rd House are Lord Krishna, Karl Marx, General Eisenhower and Duke of Windsor.

Rahu in the 4th House would cause the loss of land and other possessions of the native during his Maha Dasa or during the latter stage of his life, make him leave his native place and separate him from his family members. An eminent Indian astrologer has likened Rahu placed in the 4th House to a venomous snake snug in the bosom. Not a single important event in life would pass without leaving an unpleasant or poignant memory behind. Rahu would create an unceasing storm in the life of the individual. Native would have no peace of mind and a place to live in which he could truly call his home! Among the well-known personalities in world history who were born with Rahu in the 4th House are Queen Marie Antoinette and US President Franklin Roosevelt. Their biographies say that they were not fortunate enough to lead peaceful lives. She led an unhappy life as a victim of deception and intrigues and was ultimately put to the guillotine by blood-thirsty mobs. Franklin Roosevelt suffered from infantile paralysis and had to function in high office from a wheel chair. He had no peace of mind either.



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