High quality medicinal plants

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By 2017-09-12

By Subhani M. Aarachchige


There are two types of grapes in Sri Lanka known as Maha Midi and Heen Midi. The leaves of this fruit are about 4 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide. They cure jaundice and nervous diseases. It also cures indigestion and increases appetite. It is also a remedy for constipation. The paste obtained by grinding the peels of the roots heals swellings.

Rasakindha (Heart Leaved Mooseed)

This is a type of creeper that wraps itself along big trees in forests in the dry zone. Although there are three varieties named Rasakindha, Getakindha and Dikkindha and there are differences in taste and qualities between each, all varieties are considered medicinal. It is bitter and acrid and it increases life span, increases appetite and eradicates 'thus dhos'. It cures jaundice, diabetes, indigestion, worm infestations and hives.

Greens with high medicinal qualities

Kankung (Water Spinach)

These are cooling greens. It softens stools and purifies urine. It's somewhat difficult to digest. It also helps to Increase breast milk and sperm counts. It is an easily obtainable and cheap variety of greens.

Gotukola (Indian Pennywort)

There are two varieties of gotukola. One has small round leaves and the other variety has bigger leaves. It is used medicinally as well as for eating. It has a cooling effect and cures hives, diabetes and jaundice. It cures fever and swellings too.

Lunuwila (Water Hyssop)

Lunuwila grows easily where there is flowing water. It has a cooling effect. It purges the digestive system and improves wisdom. It also cures jaundice, diabetes, blood disorders and gets rid of fever. It's acrid and it increases the life span.



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