Avoid skin ailments during pregnancy

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By 2017-09-12

By Dr. Niranjala Wickremasinghe

Pregnancy is a very revered condition. During that period a pregnant woman receives the respect and love of everyone. With a foetus growing, the abdomen of the mother grows bigger every day. Then the skin tends to stretch. For some women this extends to a condition of a skin disease. Let us talk about skin diseases which effect women only during pregnancy.

Severe itching which occurs during pregnancy, appearance of rashes and blisters and protruding 'Palu-Raththaya' are some of these conditions.

Rashes and Blisters

Severe itching which occurs during pregnancy is experienced during the final trimester of pregnancy. It is a rare condition. Wounds and scrapes occur due to scratching with nails. This can spread throughout the body. The eyes also start to turn yellow.

Due to this condition, a premature birth could occur or the mother could suffer severe bleeding after the birth. There could be bleeding from the infant's brain and even a still birth could take place.

During such instances once 36 weeks of pregnancy have been completed, the baby should be delivered through surgery. Vitamin Kis injected to minimize bleeding from the mother.

A paste should be applied to minimize itching and once the baby is born it heals. This is apparent in Chile.

If the mother suffers from rashes or blisters or the mother suffers from the condition of leukoderma or 'sudu kabara', the infants can contract them too though rarely. During the period of four to six months, small blisters occur around the navel and exist as a rash.

This condition can continue for several months after the birth too. Low weight births can also occur as a result. Once the baby is born, these blisters can occur anywhere on the body except for the arms and legs. If the condition does not heal after the baby is born, medical treatment should be obtained.

Protruding rashes

This condition is not severe. It can occur during the birth of the first child or twins. The surrounding areas can be blown up and the middle appears sunk in. Severe itching is experienced. This is visible on the upper abdomen mostly. Sometimes it is seen on the thighs, limbs and rarely on the face.

This condition is similar to the disease Raththaya. This starts from the central area of the trunk of the body and spreads to the chest and limbs. It turns red and begins to itch. Although there is an increase in Hemoglobin in the blood no damage is caused either to the mother or the baby. There is a possibility that this condition will heal prior to birth or subsequently and treatment is not required.

Moisturizer or Vaseline can be applied. Very rarely the medicine Piriton is prescribed.



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