Proletarians must exert pressure on capitalist Yahapalanaya

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By 2017-09-14

DR.Vickramabahu Karunaratne

Liberal bourgeoisie cannot be pressurized by arguments alone. In history it has not been so. On the other hand, there may not be the threat to them of a possible takeover by the proletariat, either. No need to keep hopes so high, it could still end in a flop, but there is a need to keep relentless pressure and criticism on the government in the language they could stomach.

On the other hand, criticisms of the opposition may be the best way to expose the mistakes of liberalism. It is by solidly exposing the fascistic menace that one could show the gentlemen of how to keep friendship with the proletarian masses. On that basis one must keep vigilance of the Yahapalana Government. Vigilance must be real and should come from the side of the organized proletariat. We workers must show clearly that fight against racism and fascistic actions are already in the streets, in actions voiced by many ways. Proletarian leaders must be seen in the streets with banners and placards.

There were not only debates, but a number of actions including 'Sixty two' sathyagraha; these were powerful enough to galvanize, at least to a certain extent the government into taking a purposeful approach to dealing with the gross malfeasance of the previous regime and curbing corruption in its own ranks. I have seen the impression made in liberal intellectuals by the sensible, but unrepentant anti-fascistic actions by proletarian and plebian masses against the thuggery of pro-Mahinda union and student actions. It is better to not have hopes that during the tenure of this government there will be successful prosecution of the corrupt big fish of the Rajapaksa era, because that is not what we hope from liberal capitalists. Capitalists are always inclined towards accumulation of capital legally or otherwise; nor should we be hopeful that corruption in UNP-SLFP ranks will be curtailed.

What we should be eagerly interested in is exposing fascistic murders, cruel war crimes and the enactment of a democratic Constitution with power sharing. We must keep pressing for a solution based on equality, autonomy and the right of self-determination. We must press for the inclusion of a Bill of Rights within the new Constitution approved by a national referendum.

Ravi resigned to clear the path for investigators to work without any disturbances; but he is doing important political work behind the scene. On the contrary firing Wijeyadasa is a victory to the anti-racists and a moral disaster for the fascistic Mahinda gang. As 2020 approaches most certainly pressure will mount against fascistic forces and more mass actions are likely. Also there will be desperado attacks from the side of Mahinda and Gotabaya. The attack with guns and bombs on the house of Nandimal cannot be taken lightly. Men who committed crimes against humanity are frightened of their own shadows. Though this is true, some people expect much progress on corruption related matters and live in a dream of a country without corruption. As the battle grows they will lower their expectations. Because fight against murder and barbaric actions will gain the ground. However, all these will be connected to the battle for a new Constitution.

What we do in this country is important, but as or more important is the struggle of the proletariat in the outside world: Because the theory of permanent revolution is applicable globally, as the revolution has become a subject in the international arena today, more than any time before. The rise of Donald Trump is globally answered by the giants of the left such as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn. There are many in the horizon; the power of the proletariat should be estimated locally as wells internationally. In that sense, the pressure on Yahapalanaya has to be exerted both locally and internationally.



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