Police Force to be revamped

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By 2017-09-14

Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayaka has initiated a process to reform and revamp the Police Force to create a better equipped and well-informed force to better serve the nation.

It is reported that reforms will be introduced to reduce the distance between society and the Police Force, by making the Police a more active and integral part of society. Further the reforms aim to equip the local Police with state of the art technological equipment so that it will be on par with foreign Police units.

Minister Ratnayaka stated that the Police Force played a vital role in helping safeguard the public during the 30-year civil war. He also acknowledged the assistance provided by the Police towards a transparent, fair form of governance brought about by the yahapalanaya Government.

Accordingly, an action-plan that was formulated through the joint efforts of the Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order and Prison Reforms, National Police Commission, The Sri Lanka Police, Civil Society and Reforms Committee was handed over to Minister Ratnayaka by the Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order Jagath Wijeweera.

The action plan was formulated taking into consideration the suggestions and opinions of over 1,200 Police Officials from varying ranks and locations throughout the country. The committee identified 5 areas that required immediate attention.

Increment of standardization within the force, bolstering of transparency and responsibility of Police Officers, Respect for basic Human Rights, Damage control and Accident prevention, Control and Eradication of public fear of threats and the reassurance of public faith in the force were identified as the main areas of concern.

The committee stated that the new reforms will bolster the confidence the general populace has in the Police Force and will foster a positive more service oriented culture within the Police Force. It was also stated that the creation of a Police Force properly educated on the preservation of basic Human Rights will go a long way in making Sri Lanka a cultured, virtuous nation.



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